Sunday, November 09, 2014

November Day.

 Went to the city to visit the parents on Saturday, returning home on Tuesday.   I think I've been living in the country too long as the city doesn't hold anything for me anymore.   The hustle and bustle, the cars bumper to bumper, the noises.   One morning I was up before dawn, as usual, and went out on the front porch of my parents place.   They have the heating up so high and the house doesn't breath (like mine with all the drafts) so I have to go outside from time to time to gulp in fresh air.  They live in a retirement community with many cottages.  They can't have pets and they aren't allowed to feed the birds.   So, standing outside as dawn was starting to break,  I was aware of how quiet it was, not a light in any window, not a sound, or sign of a bird or anything else moving except for a sparse pine tree on the lawn next door that was bending lightly with the wind.    I had the over whelming feeling that I was in a dead zone.   I came back inside and was sitting thinking about this.   I came to the conclusion that if I had to live there I would die.  But then, the country and all the life around me that I love isn't for everyone either.   One of the few pictures I took was of a lone sea gull on a lamp post on a foggy day.

I had a lovely lunch at my brother and sister in laws on Monday.  This is their rescue dog Rocky.  A real sweetie.

I walked over to the stream on the property a couple of days ago.   The ground is completely covered with fallen leaves and the stream is trickling away.   So lovely there.

Two of the cats enjoying a lovely autumn day.

We've had a few frosty nights recently but also a few nice mild sunny days.   I shouldn't think that winter is far off.   I bought myself a pre lit Xmas tree.  The old one had finally started losing it's needles and had seen its day.  I haven't got the new one out of the box yet but I'm looking forward to getting it put up and dressed.  One problem might be young Tommy.   Hopefully he won't start hauling it apart like he did last year with the old one.

Well, that's about it for now.


Tricia Ryder said...

Know what you mean about houses that don't breathe.. even in winter I have a window in the bedroom slightly open if I can.... I need to hear the birds when dawn breaks and signs of life.

Gorgeous pics as ever....

Sondra said...

I know what you mean about the hustle and bustle...Im so happy to NOT be living in a city now, I did for a while but it was during a transition period.

Victoria said...

OC, I also think if I had to live in a place like your parents live in I wouldn't last very long. I don't think I could survive without nature and her noises around me, and I'm not sure I'd want to.

I had hopes this year that the cats would leave the tree alone. Nope. I wish you better luck than me!



Toffeeapple said...

How sad that they can't even feed the birds! Seems very claustrophobic to me, not a nice thing at all.

Enjoy the rest of November.

Joan@CopperCreeker said...

i don't think i could live without pets.Or to not be able to help birds and wildlife with hand outs.
i have to have fresh air and to see nature.
we're having a couple of nice days before the artic blasts comes thru.

kitties look happy outside.

jamdolly said...

Retirement communities sound that bit less attractive now. Why on earth can't you have a pet or feed the birds? Pets improved your well being as surely feeding the wildlife would.

And deja vu! We're in a tiny rented house for the next year and I was thinking a small pre lit tree would be perfect in here. Have you tried a spray bottle of cold water to curb mischief by that Tommy? Used to work on my cats, when I had them.

Glad to know your doing well O.C. You can find me over on Jam Dolly, my non-beauty site.


Pete Duxon said...

love those cats!!

The Wessex Reiver said...

Connection and connecting with our environment is so important -we lose that we lose our ability to breathe as you say. I work in the city which I enjoy but love returning home to the open landscape at home. So important to me.