Sunday, May 04, 2008


There's not been much to blog about lately. Last week the weather was dismal and finally, yesterday was sunny although the wind was chilly. I went to the green houses yesterday as they usually have a wonderful display of plants for Mothers Day. Bought a few Geraniums for one of the window boxes but will have to keep them inside until it warms up a bit then harden them off outside. Then in the afternoon we went to the library and took out a few books.

Clean up week starts on the 20th. of May so hopefully we'll get a couple of nice days this week and we can clean out the small "cabin" up the bank behind the house that is full of stored boxes and bags. Will have to sort it all out, one lot to go out to the garbage, one lot for the Goodwill and hopefully a very small lot to keep. Not only boxes and bags there but bikes, skis, carpeting, etc.....all going! Every spring I say that we have to get rid of this stuff but we never seem to get around to it.

I don't know what's happened to all the Blue Jays. I saw two at one of the feeders a few days ago and thought I'd get a short video as BR mentioned that he would like to see this. I started taking the video and noticed that the Jays weren't moving, in fact they were as still as statues. Strange I thought, so turned off camera and looked up in the trees. A larger bird was very high up on one of the branches. Got the bins but still couldn't make out what it was. It must have been a hawk or the Jays wouldn't have froze on the feeder for so long. The larger bird finally flew off and the Jays did as well. Sorry BR, will keep trying.

There have been loads of male and female Purple Finches here each day but not a lot of bird activity otherwise. A pair of Evening Grosbeaks arrived yesterday. Again not the usual big crowd.

And who's this peeking through the branches.

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