Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunny, sunny day!

Woke up to sunshine just coming up and hitting the top of the tall trees. Couldn't believe my eyes really. Funny how quickly we forget all the miserable days when the sun shines. Had a busy day yesterday, my daughter arrived just after lunch, a big surprise as she hadn't told me she was coming. Then not long after that a friend came with two of her friends who were here for the weekend, then after supper two more friends came for a short visit.

It appears that the problem I was having with the computer is fixed. Daughter opened it up and loosened a couple of screws and it's been fine every since. To think that I could have brought it to a computer store to have it fixed and paid a lot of money for the job.

Saturday I wandered around the garden taking a few pictures. It was a gloomy day so not much else to do.

A couple of things in bloom, all is not lost, lol.

Head down looking for bugs

Bunny in the garden, love this guy, a gift from friends.


Raindrops on green.

No leaves on trees or bushes yet. Buds are looking good though.


Pete said...

signs of spring in OCville YAY

Toffeeapple said...

Good news! You must feel so uplifted. The sun makes such a difference, doesn't it? Good pictures, too.

Janine said...

That raindrop pic is amazing!

Jo said...

You certainly have a way with the camera. Loved the photos. Looks like spring is right around the corner for you.

I would lay money on the fact that had you taken your computer someplace to have it fixed it would have cost you an arm and leg plus your first born child. Good thing you have a daughter that isn't afraid to get inside a computer and take a look.

Have a great day.....

Mo said...

Glad to see spring is arriving in NF - last time I visited you still had snow. I've got a bit of catching up to do.

st said...

That bunny needs to go on a diet.