Sunday, October 07, 2007

October 7th., 2007

Yesterday was the start of the agricultural fair here. A friend who is on the council had a Tarot reader come out from the city for a couple of days. People who own one of the bed and breakfasts were kind enough to put him up and provide a room for him to do his readings. Well, of course I simply had to make an appointment to get my cards read. I arrived for the appointment at 11:30 and was quickly ushered into a small sun room. There sat a little old man with a cold, so funny. The only thing going through my mind was, oh no, hope I don't get his cold. Not only did he have a cold but he also had a lisp so I had to concentrate very hard to understand what he was saying. Three quarters of an hour later he was finished with me. I wasn't all that impressed to be honest. He did tell me some things about my personality that were true. He also told me that my daughters work was recognized before he knew she was an artist. He also said that she would do one painting that would make her famous. The reading only cost $20.00 so didn't feel I was scammed.

After this we went to the council office/library where they had food on sale to try to make money for the library. Baked potatoes with different toppings, muffins, sausages and pop. We bought a potato each and sat at one of the tables they had set up outside. Although a lovely sunny day, there was a wind and it was bloody cold. Within five minutes I was freezing as was my potato, lol. There was a good crowd there though and everyone seemed to be in a good mood. Had friends in for coffee in the afternoon so all in all not a bad day.

Got up this morning to 5 C. Was brushing my teeth in the bathroom when something that looked like it was falling from the sky caught my eye. In an instant I thought, oh noooo, not snow but fortunately it was lots of leaves falling from the trees. Then got a phone call from friends that left for the city early this morning. They were part way there when they thought they may have left their coffee pot on so we jumped in the car and went over to check for them. When we came back and pulled in the driveway, I had one of those moments when I saw the smoke coming out the chimney, autumn leaves on the ground, coloured leaves on the trees and though to myself, isn't it lovely to have a little cozy house to come home to.

I usually do a little seasonal decorating. This is a picture outside the kitchen window.

Inside kitchen window.


Jan said...

So I'm dying to know - had they left the coffee pot on or not??? ;)

Really pretty displays.

oldcrow61 said...

lol, I should have said. It appeared to be off but I unplugged it just in case.

Janine said...

LOL I was wondering too.

nicola said...

think I would really like my cards done, difficult to know who would be a good one or not tho