Thursday, July 14, 2011

Company here and gone and more rain!

While bringing in armloads of wood this morning to get the fire going and get rid of the chill, I was thinking here it is the middle of July and I'm doing this!! We may get a bit of sun on Saturday. Maybe!

Monday was a beautiful day. Laurie arrived from St. John's and Hilary, Cameron and Jasper (the dog) arrived from Ontario. The cats were not happy to see a dog in the house. They took off for parts unknown and I found them on top of cupboards, in closets, etc. I have to say that the dog was very well behaved and didn't really bother the cats. He's a real sweetie.

Tuesday....rain! Wednesday....rain! They were going to stay until Thursday but decided to head for St. John's yesterday. I may see them again on their way across the island when they go back home. It was great to see them.

Two young squirrels were on the feeders yesterday and I'm wondering if they aren't the off spring of that nursing mother that I had here for days. I managed to get a few pictures. They were just so cute.

A female Pine Grosbeak was here the other day with the male. First time I've seen her this summer.
The Oriental Poppies have bloomed and are now starting to fade and the roses are blooming. It seems to have been a hard season on the plants. So much rain and not much sun. Or maybe it's just me thinking that way because I haven't been able to do much outside given the bad weather.

I did take this picture of some wild flowers the other day. I thought they were very pretty.

The was a Hummingbird Hawk Moth in the garden a few days ago. I get a couple here every summer. I took some photos but unfortunately they all came out blurry. Oh well, I must keep on trying.


Pete said...

tooking of cuties that squirrel is lovely

Victoria said...

Well, we've no rain here (sadly) but it is cold enough tonight that I have a small fire going! But by next week the temps are supposed to be in the upper 80's F. Yuck. Hopefully the rain will leave you and come here.

That dog looks like a real sweetie, and those baby squirrels...oh, I wish I could give them a kiss, lol! I really like the cheerful yellow wildflowers, too.

Cicero Sings said...

Rain here too. So I'm not the only one lighting fires in July!

Tricia said...

Sorry about the rain and your shortened visit from the girls et al.

But that little squirrel.. just how cute is cute!! :D