Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lughnasa, The First Harvest

Today is the celebration of the first harvest. There being, September 21st and October 31st. In honor of the grain I've made Rosemary Focaccia. A delightful Italian bread. We'll be having Rumpledethumps for supper. (Cooked potato, cabbage, broccoli, milk and butter all mashed together in a casserole with grated cheese on top, then into the oven.)

Yesterday I spent a good part of the day working in the garden. The first day I've really put any effort into it, extending the borders as the grass had grown right up to the plants. The one chicken that I have left was with me all the way, gobbling up any bugs that were uprooted. So nice to have someone to chat to while working.

I found this marvelous creature on one of the plants. It was almost the size of a bumble bee and I found out that it's a Sexton Beetle. The first one I've ever seen. I googled it and found it's quite a fascinating creature in that it can sniff out a dead animal from a mile or more away and burys it as a food source. It's also very family oriented (one of the few bugs that is) and protects and feeds its young. I ran for the camera hoping it would still be there when I got back out and it was.
Speaking of fascinating creatures, lol. You can see what the little imps have done to the sunflower seed feeder. Now, most of the squirrels simple lift the top off but someone can't seem to get his head around this idea so figures he has to eat a hole in the top and go down through. This is one of the smarter ones.

The rain poured out of the heavens last night and every once in a while lately I can feel a bit of fall in the air.


Tricia said...

Oooh that sounds rather delish.... I'm joining you for supper if I may :)

Your bug is a beauty... I've not come across those at all.

And as for the cheeky imp.... every time I see one of them it always brings a smile to my face but this time I was laughing out loud!

Not fall yet... surely...we could all do with a bit of summer first...

Victoria said...

I've never seen a Sexton Beetle, it's gorgeous.

You take the best pictures of the squirrels. I love the different, but oh-so-expressive looks on his (her?) face.

Lughnasa blessings to you and yours, OC!

Pete said...

that squirrel is priceless!!