Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Herbs and other stuff.

I'm not even going to comment on the weather so lets just get past that! I had a lovely evening all to myself last night as himself had gone to the city for overnight. I watched a chick flick, had some wine and some finger food and had quite an enjoyable evening.

Yesterday while I was cleaning up some of the gardens I thought to myself that I should take a few pictures of some of the perennial herbs that I grow. I've been growing them for years and they are still coming up strong.

A warning to all who enter.


Valerian leaves.

Lemon Balm.

Ladies Mantle. When raindrops are on the leaves of this plant, they look like jewels.


Crown Vetch. Very invasive. It has lovely ball like pink flowers in late summer that makes me forgive their wandering ways.

Blue Skullcap.

Blessed Thistle.
Bee Balm. Spectacular when in bloom.

Angelica. Not the best picture as it's difficult to make out among other stuff. They've been re-seeding every year so I have more than a few around.




St. John's Wort.


We went to a flea market this past weekend and I picked up this delightful little bowl. Only one dollar.

There seems to be a lack of bees, butterflies and dragon flies this summer. I suspect it's the weather that's causing this. Lots of Blue jays back and forth though.

I think this may be two young ones.

A blinding light just came through the window. I do believe that the sun broke through. I'm off outside!


Tricia said...

I always feel guilty about not growing my own produce when I hear about yours OC.... what a wonderful variety of plants ..

and I agree those Jays to have a rather "young" look to them don't they.

Glad you had a good "me time" evening :D

Pete said...

love the sign

oh btw you can delete the spaces at the top of the post :D

Victoria said...

OC, I'm envious of your many lovely herbs. The darn raccoons usually eat all of mine.

I love that bowl and its matching spoon and saucer.

Your jays are so much prettier than ours here in the West. We have the Steller's Jays, which are dark blue and black.

My favorite picture, though, is the one of your fairy sign!

And it's nice to have an evening to ourselves every now and then, isn't it? I'm glad you enjoyed yours!

Cicero Sings said...

Sun? Sun? Where'd it go????

Seems a real lack of bees and pollinators in general here too.

Love all your herbs! They all look lush ... all the rain I guess. Do you make anything out of them. I can't keep up to my herbs.

I too, like your sign.

Sondra said...

Well we have had plenty of HEAT but not much sun, haze and vapor mostly!! What a year,,,its been awful weather wise this spring and summer for us. LOVE all your herbs mine are scattered here and there mostly in pots--I do enjoy trying to grow its such a great thing to eat what you grew!

Janine said...

Just catching up with your blog. I always love to see your garden in its summer glory. Great advice on that sign!