Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Sunny Tuesday

I've been wondering what I could blog about but I'm afraid that nothing much is happening here. I did take all the decorations down and have them stored. To be honest, while the decorations are colourful and lovely, I'm glad to be back to normal.

I was on the computer a couple of evenings ago when himself calls out from the bathroom that there is water all over the floor. Jumped up, ran in and a pipe had sprung a leak. The plumber came this morning and thankfully it's all fixed. I had been able to put a container under the leak to catch the water and that worked until we got a hold of someone to fix it.

It's a glorious day. Sunny and relatively warm but the wind is sharp. Roger was on the deck with just a shirt on sharpening an axe and I said to him that this was unreal, it being January. So...decided to get the camera and try some macro shots. I made a few adjustments to the camera recently so wanted to make sure the macro was working okay. Just a few bits of plants.

Lavender in January.

Wormwood against the snow.

The reason I like this is, if you click on picture to enlarge, I love the look of the hairy bits beneath the dark ball.

One of the girls.

And of course, one of the Blue Jays.


Tricia said...

I would say the macro setting is working like a dream - and the photographer's working pretty good too :D

Excellent pictures OC

(glad your plumbing problem's now solved)

flydragon said...

The macro setting sure seems to be working just great. I too love that little hairy beard under that black ball.
Lucky you, T shirts in Jan. Not around here I'm afraid.

oldcrow61 said...

Tricia, yes I'm pleased that the macro is working okay. I want BEES and BUGS now, lol.

Flydragon, It's highly unusual to be out in anything but heavy winter clothing this time of year. No doubt the winter will come on strong any day now. The temperatures have been above normal for this time of year, this past while.

Pete said...

love the berries and the girl :D

Janine said...

I thought you meant just a shirt on as in: no pants. lol!

oldcrow61 said...

lol Janine, not quite that warm.

Stewart said...

Hi OC, Happy New Year, I forgot to mention your Quicksilver list. Of your 9 birds there would be 8 new ones there for me...The only one I've seen is the Dark eyed ( Slate-coloured (oops, colored) Junco. Those Goldfinches are very nice, nothing like our Eurasian birds...