Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blustery Snowy Day!

Snow is coming down quite nicely at the moment. It's suppose to change to showers later today, then back to flurries. It's a day that calls for Lentil Soup and Dumplings. The temperature has warmed up considerably. I filled all the feeders quite early this morning hoping the birds would arrive before the feeders filled with snow. Only after it started snowing did a lot of Juncos arrive. This one filling up.

This fellow bundled up going for his morning walk. At least if he gets lost, he'll be easy to find with that bright yellow jacket on, lol.

It started to warm up a bit yesterday afternoon so the chickens got out for a while. Given the bitterly cold weather we'd been having, they had been in their greenhouse area each day. Then this morning before the snow started I had let them out again and they thoroughly enjoyed it. Clucking away and coming up on the deck.

The furry species aren't too happy with it all. What's a cat to do........


Anonymous said...

I love your furry friends. What's that species in the yellow coat? ;)

We're supposed to go colder again here this weekend. England cold that is. Acclimatisation is a dreadful spoiler! I've bought a couple of bunches of early daffs to make up for the realisation that we probably will have another six weeks of Winter. Which reminds me, must pop over to see when Phil is due to make his annual prediction!

oldcrow61 said...

Ali, the species is white sock crow in yellow garb, lol. How lovely to be able to buy some early daffs. I'm jealous!

Carin Fuchs said...

What's that? The white sock crow is all camouflaged as canary with a very strange and flat looking beak! LOL LOL LOL LOL
Malachai looks so content!

'Warm' hugs

Bimbimbie said...

Bet your feathered friends are wishing they could join the gang of five furbs for the remainder of your winter, don't they look happy to be indoors ... we have yellow robins here and I thought perhaps one had flown over there for the snow*!*

Yoke, said...

Here it might be cold, but we don't have to bother with snow. love the piccies, OC.
Take care and stay warm.