Thursday, March 17, 2011

Snowy Saturday.

Wednesday, being a lovely day, I decided to cut some branches for our Ostara tree. It was a few days early but it makes me feel like spring is here. I was quite happy with the results and so was himself. Later in the evening we heard a crash.......Oh No! The tree was down, wooden, tin and plastic eggs of all sizes rolling all over the floor. Mini wooden bunnies scattered here and there and five cats banging the eggs back and forth across the living room with their eyes sparkling. How did it come down? The culprit was Malachi! Guess he figured he'd make it a fun evening for the rest of them.

Tree before the crash.

I now have it put up and decorated once again but have changed the spot it's in. Hopefully it won't come crashing down again.

Thursday I made an Irish Soda Bread and it was very much enjoyed by both of us with butter and jam.

This is a funny time of year for me. I'm waiting to get out in the garden and it seems to be taking so long to do so. But then I have to stop and say to is only March after all. Never the less, I can't wait to get a shovel in the ground.

Today is a bit of a miserable day. It's been snowing lightly most of the day. The only ones with any sense it seems are the cats. The five of them decided to go to bed, lol.

I noticed this morning that the pussy willows were coming out...a sure sign that Spring isn't far away. So, tomorrow morning we will do some drumming to wake Mother Nature and a small ritual in honor of the Spring Equinox.


ShySongbird said...

What a shame about the tree after all your hard work! I hope the 'troublemakers' leave it alone this time ;)

Your soda bread looks delicious!

Sorry you are still having snow but glad you are seeing some small signs of Spring at last, I love finding the first Pussy Willow of the year.

Tricia said...

Ooh Pussy Willows... spring MUST be coming to you then :D Hope the drumming really brings the spring on.

Hope the snow goes away... and the cats definitely have the right idea :D

Ali said...

It's a very mild First Day of Spring here. I love your tree. I hope the cats will leave it alone now.

Pussy willows. You know I'm not sure if you can get them hereabouts.

Victoria said...

Well, if the pussy willows are coming out Spring is on the way for sure.

I'm glad you got your Ostara tree up again. It sounds like your cats think like mine. I'm sure mine think that I change the house decorations around just to give them new things to play with.

The picture of your loaf of Irish Soda Bread made my mouth water, it looks so good!

Sondra said...

the whole family had fun with the tree--that Irish Soda Bread LOOKS delicious--I hope you get out there and get that Soil under your nails soon--Ive been doing a bit here we can dig anytime of yr...but our official frost date is Apr 15.

Cicero Sings said...

Got home yesterday to find the snow mostly gone except for our isolated area. My garden area in particular is still deep in snow. It will be a little while yet! Bit, it is surprising how fast it does go when it goes.

The soda bread looks mighty tasty. That's something I haven't made in years.

Critters! They sure know how to make themselves comfortable.