Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Stormy weather.

It's a stormy, blustery, snowy day. It's suppose to rain about noon, then turn to snow again. Himself decided to finally take the new camera out of the box this morning. As it came with it's own battery and charger I mentioned that the battery may need charging. I asked to look at the basics manual and it did say that the battery would need charging first. I told this to himself as he was inspecting the camera. I could see he was getting agitated already just holding the camera in his hands. He says between gritted teeth and in as loud a voice as he could muster, "I don't need the battery charged." I say "But..but..you can't operate the camera with out the battery in it." Said he, "I'm not going to operate the camera until I learn all about it." lol, lol, lol, lol, to tell the truth, I had to walk away before I burst out laughing. Sigh! best to leave the dear man alone me thinks.

As I mentioned, it was pretty stormy earlier this morning. Once it was light I noticed a few little Juncos trying to get down through the snow on the platform feeder to find food. Nothing for it but to bundle up and go out with brush and containers of seed. I could hardly stand up at times as the wind was almost blowing me over and with that, snow beating in my face. Anyway I managed to fill feeders and it wasn't long before birds started arriving. Yesterday morning there were six woodpeckers on one tree just outside the bathroom windows. The crows arrived and they were chasing each other doing acrobatics around, over and between the trees. What a sight. They are so competent. Then they had breakfast and left.

The only picture I have today is this one taken this morning of a woodie and the boreal chick a dee.


Cicero Sings said...

At least -20 this morning and I had a prematurely arrived Pine Siskin hunkered down at the bird feeder. The fire is on needless to say. They tell us warmer weather is on it's way tomorrow -- into the plusses and with mixed precip.

Himself is a hoot!

Ali said...

I hope your OH gets the hang of that camera soon. I almost feel guilty saying that the weather is most definitely Spring-like on this side of the Atlantic.

Tricia said...

Oooops - sounds as though a tactical and tactful withdrawal was called for. I'm sure Himself will warm to the camera in time ;)

Brrrrr - brave lady to feed your birds in those conditions OC, and how wonderful to have so many visiting the feeders!

Sondra said...

Its been an early spring here so maybe it will be up there to visit you next--I know the birds were happy to see you arrive with the seed!! Im sure the camera will be taking lots of photos before you know it--

oldcrow61 said...

Cicero, seems like you're colder than we are but like there, it's suppose to warm up here as well.

Ali, I do envy your weather at this time of year. I'm sure you haven't forgotten what it's like in NB at this time of year. Most likely the same as here. Lucky you.

Tricia, lol, he's a bit more relaxed about it all today. Is charging the battery at the moment.

Sondra, I'm hoping that spring is just around the corner. Yes, I'm sure once he gets use to the camera he will enjoy it.

Pete said...

he's priceless!!

Victoria said...

Oh yes, I've found that it's best to let them work it out at their own pace. I'm glad to hear that he's charging the battery...it's a step further along.

Our weather is much like yours right now. Had a huge blizzard over the weekend that dumped a couple of feet of snow. But tomorrow the high is supposed to be 40 F, so it should start melting pretty fast...I hope yours does, too.

Jessica said...


ShySongbird said...

Blogger's playing up again, I hope you don't get this more than once!

I suspect there will be a bit more colourful language there for a while yet but he will be so triumphant when it all clicks into place ;)

I am still envious of your Woodpecker visits!