Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's a dull day with a wintery looking sky. It appeared that we might get a bit of sun a few times during the day as the cloud seemed to be breaking a little. Alas, it was not to happen.

A few days ago I thought it might be a good time to put some more xmas lights outside as himself is in St. John's this week and wouldn't be here to get in my way. I hauled out a couple of lengths of lights, got the ladder and put the lights over and down one of the archways. I had a good laugh at myself because of the gyrations I had to do while up on the ladder, to get the strings of lights tied on. I was thinking if I fell and knocked myself out and had broken legs, I wonder how long it would take someone to find me, lol. I sometimes think I'm a 20 year old and invincible.

Then I found a 6 ft. artificial tree to put on the deck. I got that set up, put strings of outdoor lights on it and I was off to the races. I then found some poinsettias, put those in two long planters and "bobs your uncle", it's all done, except for wreaths on the doors. We don't usually decorate outside but this year we thought we'd go all out.

Not many birds around these days. Four pairs of jays, hairy and downy woodpeckers and chick a dees are back and forth to the feeders all day long. I expect when the snow flies there will be more of a variety. I did get a few pictures this past couple of days.

Chick a Dee. It's difficult to capture these little creatures with the camera as they don't stay still for long.

Blue Jay.

Hairy Woodpecker.



That's it! One of the cats near me is breaking wind and I have to get out of here. It stinks!!!! I have a good idea who the culprit is, lol.


Tricia said...

I love your chic-a-dees... Wonderful pictures of the Hairy Woodies. The close up of the head really shows why they get their name. Wonderful pictures OC!!

And as for that cat LOL..... hope you can run fast ...... (or at least faster than the cat can) :D

J said...

*snort giggle* my mind still thinks I can push my self to get 'just one more thing' done... but when I sit down for awhile then start to get back up *snort* my body shreaks and lets me know that it is very unhappy :0)
No joke, do be carefull.
!for shame! blaming a poor innocent fury angel :0)

oldcrow61 said...

Tricia, thanks and yes I did get out of there fast. lol
J, It was, it was the furry angel, honestly, lol.

Pete said...

lovely captures.

shall we all break into song?

"smelly cat smelly cat....."

from the tv show friends

Roses and Lilacs said...

My woodpeckers are using the suet feeders more as the weather gets colder. Be careful on that ladder. The thought of laying outside in the cold waiting for help always worries me when I do something dangerous.

oldcrow61 said...

LOL Pete, you're very funny.
Marnie, yeah I have to be really careful getting up and down on the ladder.

Anonymous said...

Your decorating sounds great. I know what you mean about thinking you're still 20. Then you get out of the easy chair...arararar!

The farting cat remark almost made me spit strawberry shake all over my laptop!


Janine said...

Cats act so dignified and disdainful, the thought of one breaking wind is too funny.

Dixxe's Doodles said...

You make me want to decorate...and this yr my Mom is trying to be scrooge and stop christmas!! Ba Hum bug on that!! Your photos are awesome as usual..such a close tight shot on that chickadee..good work on all--you have a steady hand!!

Weeping Sore said...

Once you start thinking about falling off a stepladder, you know you're getting old. I too am trying to learn that I shouldn't climb around on the roof when I'm home alone in case I fall. Cell phones don't offer much of a lifeline if they're sitting in their cozy charger while you're stringing lights on the roof.
Your birdies are lovely! This is the time of year we find them congregating on the feeders, making noise as well as lovely seed shell mulch.

ShySongbird said...

Lovely bird photos OC, I would love to see a Woodpecker in my garden. You are very lucky to be able to get photos, it is so dreary here that there is no chance at all!

I'm not sure whether cats are worse than dogs but Louis sometimes causes the room to be evacuated to the cries of 'SBD'...(silent but deadly)!

Yoke, said...

Great pictures again, Carol; but alas! none of your handiwork outside?
Nina is uusually very good with wind. Thank god, as she is using my table as her bed.