Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Sun Shiny Day

Woke up to +3C this morning. It's turned out to be a glorious day once again. Tomorrow himself will be going on his holiday. Monday he had come down with a dreadful cold or flu. A rare thing for either of us. He had fever off and on but by Thursday was feeling quite good. Then yesterday it came back with a vengeance but today he's feeling very much better. I know he's feeling better because he hasn't stopped talking since he got out of bed. lol. I've been taking echinacea three times a day hoping to ward it off.....fingers crossed! I went to the library and took out some movies, got myself a bottle of wine and now I'm all set for next week when I can haul back on the chesterfield and chill out, lol. This afternoon I've invited a few friend in for Irish Coffee and snacks, sort of a farewell and have a good trip for the old fellow.

I went outside for a walk around. How beautiful with so many colours on the ground and the air so fresh and crisp. Walked over by the stream. It was very quiet, just the sound of trickling water and the smells of autumn were strong and beautiful. It was magical.

Stream with leaves on water.

Fern in autumn colour.

Quite a few mushrooms about.

A friend gave me some bulbs last spring and they are now blooming. Don't know what they are though.

Chick a dee


Bits and pieces.

And the little imp. Don't know why he has chewed holes in the top of the feeder as it comes up so easily.


Tattyanne said...

Lovely pictures OC. I think your flowers might be of the crocosmia family. They come in a red or orange variety. We have them over here too. As always I really enjoy your blog. TC Tattyanne

Yoke said...

Never had any flu since living here, 25 years! touch wood, LOL!

Love the tour around your wood. Why not drill tube long holes into the wood of the bbq? (if that what it is? For Butterflie/Moths, etc. Or other Insects.

Or do you still use it?

Cicero Sings said...

Where's himself off too?

Don't forget to get some Oregano Oil ... I find it works better than Echinacea for warding things off ... especially colds!


Tricia said...

Lovely pics as usual OC and so glad your little imp has featured again.

It sounds very much as though you're going to be enjoying "Himself's" holiday too :D; especially in view of the plans you've made LOL. Have fun!

Pete said...

love the woody but that Squirrel is the star

oldcrow61 said...

Tattyanne, thanks, I'll look up that family of flowers.
Cicero, thanks, that's good to know.
Yoke, it's not a bbq, lol
Tricia, lol, yep, I'm going to enjoy his holiday as well.

oldcrow61 said...

Ha, ha, Pete, yep, I agree.

Bimbimbie said...

The most popular spot in any garden ... the feeding stations*!*

Gallicissa said...

That squirrel looks to be owning that feeder! Nice photographs, OC.

Toffeeapple said...

What a mgical place you live in! Enjoy 'Himself's' holiday...

flydragon said...

Hi oldcrow,
I just stopped over from Marnies blog. What great photos!!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Love that fern. Most of mine go from green to dead without any color change;) The squirrel is sure cute. Nice eye liner he has. I always enjoy bird photos. Glad you are both feeling better.

Jan said...

Still trying to keep up with your blog OC, love the photos. Hope you have a great time on your "holiday" ;o)

Juli said...

I'm so glad he's feeling better !

I've missed your beautiful pictures greatly, been overly busy of late. The moss on rock and leaves in creek are my favorites. Life is such an amazing adventure :)