Saturday, October 04, 2008

Lovely Autumn Day

Woke up to heavy rain and strong winds. It had stopped once daylight started appearing so I went to let the chickens out and saw that a lot of leaves had blown off the trees. I said to myself "Yep, autumn is here." The beautiful fall smells was enough to put me on a high.

I did get some of the plant pots put away. So much to do though, I'll probably have to leave some of the stuff that needs doing until spring. The chickens have stopped laying, I don't expect them to start again until March month. That's okay though as they need a rest. I did have a rooster at one time, many years ago. He was only a young lad when a friend brought him to me. The first couple of nights he wouldn't go in with the chickens, afraid of getting hen pecked I suspect. He just spent those nights sitting on a stump in an enclosed area. I can tell you, I didn't get much sleep those nights worrying about him. He did eventually join the girls and grew to a monstrous size. An absolutely beautiful big red rooster. In fact he was so heavy that when he jumped down from one of the perches it made an awful bang, so I called him Thunder. Unfortunately he got very aggressive, which was good for the chickens as they had a great protector, but not for me. I couldn't get near the chickens. Every time he saw me coming he would make the hens go behind him and stand in front of them daring me to come nearer. When I did approach he would fly at me with the talons out stretched. I kept saying to him, "How can you do this to me, I've taken such good care of you, worried about you, fed you good food, etc." So....what was I to do! I was nearly off my head with this worry now when I went to visit an old man in the area who had chickens and goats. I was in one of his barns looking at the goats when I spied a large hand made spice rack laying to one side. Before I knew it, out of my mouth popped "I'll trade you a beautiful rooster for this spice rack." He looked at me and I could see he was thinking. Then he says, "I know a couple who lives on a small island near here who are looking for a rooster for their hens." The deal was made! And I still have it...the spice rack, not the rooster, lol. That was the one and only time I had a rooster.

So, on to some pictures. You can click on images to enlarge them.

Some seed heads.

Only took this because I liked the way the sun was hitting it.


Tricia said...

Thunder sounds a great character LOL! Seed heads, looking really beautiful, really do spell Autumn and I know what you mean about that "autumn smell".

Your first seed head, in particular, is great!

Is that a glass of something white next to your sunlit plant by any chance OC? Cheers!

oldcrow61 said...

Lol, Tricia, yes there is something white in the glass and very tasty I might add.

Tricia said...

Very glad to hear that OC -
I shall raise a glass, to you, of something red later on :D

Cicero Sings said...

My friend has had several roosters over the years. Only one was "good" in her opinion ... found and called them over to good food supplies, watched over them well but was totally amiable with the human element.

Love the picture of the wine glass.

J said...

; ) My SisP made the mistake of walking too close to a rooster when she was in her teens and to this day has a phobia of chickens. This rooster took a dislike to her and tried to flog her every time he saw her. This was when dad was alive and after the rooster attacked her the 2nd time... guess what was simmered until tender and showed up for supper?
I like the way the light shine on the fern and glass. Very nice.

Boulmer Birder said...

Hi OC, I'm a bit late with this but I think your wader below is a Semi p plover rather than Ringed. It has a rounded head with a shorter bill and if I'm not mistaken a slightly different stance being more upright? They are difficult to seperate. Call is a good way , apparrantly??

Cheers S...

oldcrow61 said...

BB, thanks. I'm going to try and get some more shots, better shots of the bird.