Monday, May 08, 2006

My Treasures

Here are my Treasures. We share our space with these creatures.
this is malacai

below is Ratchet, Ratch for short. She is very big

This is Thomas, who has many lives. We mistook a dead cat on the road for him, mourned his passing, started to dig a grave, crying with sadness when suddenly he walks out of one of the bedrooms after a nice nap...

Cleo is like a china doll and behaves like the queen bee, head held high. She is very reserved.

Freya came to us last. She is so loving.

Life around here just wouldn't be complete without Penelope and Lulu. They love to come up on the deck in the sun and spread their wings while laying down. They also appreciate all the bugs that surface while I dig in the garden.


Boo said...

Although you shared these pics with me before, they are still nice to see again, some are your cats are such posers! Delightful

oldcrow61 said...

They are real characters for sure.

nicola said...

Yes superb pictures oc! They look lovely companions