Sunday, April 30, 2006

Naked in the field

Just taking the afternoon off from working outside. I just remembered something that happened one day while working on a vegetable farm one summer. I always wore a pair of old pants, a tee shirt and a mans large long sleeved shirt over the tee shirt. The black flies and mosquitoes were so bad I covered up as best I could. There were three of us working that day, each of us on our hands and knees crawling up the drill weeding and thinning the turnip. I was in the middle drill, a young fellow in the drill to my left and another woman in the drill to my right. I was in the lead about ten feet ahead of the other two. Well, it was a very hot day and I was tired and sweating, so I stood up to stretch and wipe the sweat off my face. I picked the tail of the (mans) shirt up and brought it all the way up to my forhead and started wiping my brow, imagine my shock when I realized I hadn't put on my tee shirt under it, and with no bra on as well, I was naked to the world. I turned to my left and there was the young fellow, standing on his knees with his jaw dropped down to his chest, staring at me. What could I do...nothing, but put the shirt down, get on my knees again and keep going. No doubt there were a few stories flying around that evening.


Boo said...

lol, OC. I bet your face was red!

nicola said...

so funny!!