Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Bucket Hat

One day, in the winter, I was going around outside with containers of bird seed to fill the feeders. Not only was there a woodpecker following me around, but, because they saw the container of sunflower seeds, they were trying to land on my head. Now, I thought to myself, this is interesting, what to do! So I came up with what I thought was a grand idea.....I found a proper size bucket that would fit just over the top of my head, comfortably, then I drilled a hole in each side, and put a rope through each hole so it would tie under my chin and hold the bucket down. Next I drilled a few holes around the sides of the bucket, then got some branches and poked through the holes, put some peanut butter on the branches then put the hat on. I then went outside to try out my great bucket hat. Lo and behold the chick-a-dees all landed on the branches. This seemed like a great idea until three cars nearly went off the road as the drivers were looking at a lunatic with a bucket on her head, branches sticking of it and birds on the branches.


Nevermore Studio said...

I have heard that story numerous times and it is still as funny as hell.

Boo said...

I will try again! If this posts twice please forgive, but the first one didn't seem to be successful.

Oh, OC that is the funniest thing I have ever heard. I just wish there had been someone around to take a photo of it. I shall giggle all day now, everytime I think about it.

By the way, congratulations on your first posting!

Persephones Portal said...

nana, that is soooo funny!! Greg and i laughed and laughed. I wish I could have seen it, did you hang on to it? market it! lol joking.

nicola said...


I would pay to see the photos!! Great blog...nicola

Boo said...

And now we have a sketch too! Stop it I can't stop giggling as it is!

Anna said...

That's so silly!!


Love it!

flicker said...
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flicker said...

Hilariously funny. I must try this myself, although here it won't cause any near accidents as my garden is mostly private, unless someone spies on me from their bedroom window, in which case the neighbour in question may fall out with a bit of luck. ;)

Lynn said...

Darlin you know I love that story!
I remember it so well!
It brings back memories of Eastport.
I still dream of living apart from the city enough to have Pet Chickens too.

Miss Ya,
Lynn Tucker

If you dont mind I am going to post you on my blog