Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another few Garden Pictures.

We had a lot of rain overnight during the week and found a leak in the ceiling.  When the rain held up I went up on the roof with the roof patch and think I found where the water was getting in.  I'll know for sure after the next heavy rain.  Fingers crossed.

The crows have been bringing a young one.  It hasn't gotten a handle on how to crow properly yet so it's quite funny to listen to the various sounds.  Lots of bumble bees in the garden and they are quite large.  There seems to be more butterflies than normal as well.  Have yet to see a dragonfly this year. 

There's a lovely soft wind this morning and I delight in the sound of the Aspens.  Especially in the early morning when I have the world to myself.  The rain has caused everything to explode.    I love the buttercups and look forward to them every year.   The path shown turns right at the end and comes out where the Buddha is sitting.

I also love these little blue cup like flowers.  I don't know what they are called.

Some ferns near the stream.

Scottish Thistle,  the bees adore it.

Lupins, lupins everywhere.  Another plant loved by the bees.

I've started a variety of herbs to make smudge wands and they are coming along nicely.  I have to take them out of the pots and plant them in the herb garden   This may be a good day for it.   I'm off now to put screening on the storage room window. 


ShySongbird said...

Sorry to read your roof was leaking you seem to be plagued with that problem in the last year or two, I hope it is fixed now, nothing worse than having to have a bucket to catch the drips...I know!!

I have just enjoyed walking around your garden (lovely photos) both here and on the last post and very pleasant it was too. I loved that table you made! Everything looks very lush and green. We have had nothing but rain this year, barely any sun at all :-(

I was intrigued by your Scottish Thistle, it looks like our Cornflower Centaurea Montana.

oldcrow61 said...

Shy Songbird, I googled the Cornflower Centaurea Montana and it is indeed the same plant. My mother calls it Scottish Thistle, that's where I got the name. I guess she was wrong, lol. Thank's for letting me know the right name.

Sondra said...

HOPE you got that leak all fixed up...nothing more annoying!
WOW your flowers are amazing, love the buttercups and thos LUPINE omg huge!! You sound like me, I love mornings all alone in the yard...and then there is the afternoons full of fix up projects!!

Victoria said...

I hope you got the spot where it was leaking. It's so tricky to find the right spot...well, I have a hard time but my roof has such a steep pitch I'm always in a hurry to get down before I fall down!

Your garden is lovely, so lush and green and the lupins...WOW. We've had so little rain this year, even the wild things are hard pressed to bloom.

Ali said...

The green everywhere is wonderful, isn't it. I hope your roof is sealed now. Rain outside is one thing. You don't need greening up indoors.