Saturday, June 02, 2012


It's been so long that I hardly know where to begin.   We had beautiful summer weather for a while but now it's turned wet, overcast and much cooler.  It's been like this for a week and is suppose to continue on into next week.    We had a hard frost one night and although covered, I lost two tomato plants and my basil.   Himself has been having some health problems but seems to be much better at the moment.

Let me see now......This week with the rain we had a leak in the living room ceiling so in the wet and cold we were both on the roof trying to find where it was coming in.  We patched up any suspicious places and it looks like we managed to find the guilty one as it hasn't leaked since.  Then, my old washer finally bit the dust and died.   This is all sounding much too depressing so here's some good news:

All the plants and trees are about three weeks ahead and growing beautifully.  The birds are very active these days.  I imagine they are nesting.  The squirrels are here all the time and are quite bold.   And..........drum roll please..........himself is going to Spain for a few weeks in July and I'll have lots of time alone.  Now, I know this may sound terrible to some but when you are retired and are together 24/7, one needs some space and time to oneself.  At least I do.

The pine grosbeaks are here once again.  They are lovely birds.  The male has been here with his lady every day.  

First Bee of the season.

Freya and Frankie on a good day.

What cats do on a miserable day.

Can't finish with out adding one of the little imps.

The Saskatoon berry trees and Wild Cherry Trees are all in blossom so things are looking up.


Anonymous said...

love the kitties :0)
it's always great when i see you in my reader.
i have to have my 'alone' time, too.
this is the only way i can comment.
Joan @ CopperCreeker

Toffeeapple said...

Lovely images but what a shame about your tomatoes and basil! I hope that himself's problems are surmountable.

Pete said...

nice to see you have a bee!! love the cat pics.

Tricia said...

woo hoo for Spain.. know just how you feel.

congrats on your bee and Freya and Frankie... aw... and I want to just the same on a miserable day ;)

Gosbeaks.. such pretty birds..

ShySongbird said...

The weather is pretty much the same here :-( Glad you fixed the roof!

Lovely photos as always.

Janine said...

Nice to see everything in bloom again. Hope Himself continues to improve. Perhaps his trip to Spain will have a rejuvenating effect (at least he will get a nice tan!) :)

Ali said...

Your weather seems to be mirroring our's here in England. May was very cold and wet for the most part. We had about ten days of really fine, dry weather close to the end of the month, but that stopped on Thursday.

Glad to hear your partner is getting better. Warmer temps should help. I certainly feel better when its warm and sunny. I must be getting old(er). LOL!

Your cats are adorable. I wish OH wasn't allergic, I'd have a pair of them in a flash. Do they not bother the birds you get?


Sondra said...

Hope your weather gets straight and warm soon!! Love the grosbeak photos!! AND I do agree everyone needs some ME time!!

Victoria said...

Such beautiful photos! I love primroses but I can't get them to grow here.
I hope Himself stays well. And, I completely understand about wanting time to yourself. My husband was home for two years straight after he retired and I thought I would lose my mind. Thank Goddess, he got a part time job so I have some breathing room 4 days a week.
That's too bad about your basil and tomatoes. I'm glad you got your roof patched, and sorry about your washer. It seems like these things always come in pairs, doesn't it? Gremlins!
I think you have the cutest squirrels I've ever seen! I love looking at the photos you post of them. And Freya and Frankie look so sweet together.

Cicero Sings said...

Been damp and cool here this last week too.

Love the cat pics ... they do know how to take advantage of a rainy day.

My garden's not doing much, the evenings are so cool.

Ali said...

Despite our complaints about the weather, Nature rolls along as she should. I suppose we should take a lesson from that.

I want to do exactly what your two furry friends are doing; bask in the sun when it's there, sleep when it ain't!