Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bloggers Block

I guess it's like writers block. I can't think of a thing to blog about. Nothing much happening, basically waiting for the snow to be off the ground so I can get out in the garden. Mind you, there's not much snow but it's being very stubborn and seems to be clinging on to the ground. You'd think with all the lovely mild days it would have all melted. I do see more patches of grass showing up each day though. I've already started buying seeds. What gardener can resist all those lovely racks of seeds in the department stores. Every year I say that I'm not buying any more seeds but inevidably I'm drawn to the racks and walk away with a handful. I'll probably be going into the city in a couple of weeks and as my father loves taking me around to all the big stores, I dare not think what I'll come back with.

Himself is going to Spain in April for a three week visit with his daughter. Have I mentioned that before....probably! The brain is not what it use to be, lol. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to my time alone. I'm hoping that the weather will be nice as every spring I stain the floor of the deck and paint the railings. I will also have to take the screen door apart (it's an old fashioned wood frame one) and put new screen in. It gets torn up every summer by the cats. I bought paint for the guest bedroom, a bright salmon colour. I would like to get that painted next week. Then there's the usual spring cleaning to be done both inside and out. I don't understand how the property gets in a mess over the winter. In the fall I have it tidied up and when the snow melts all manner of things show up.

Did I say I had bloggers block. Guess I've gotten rid of a bit of it, lol. Here's some pictures of the cats taken recently.

Stanley in a box.

Ratch waking up.

Freya and Stanley.

Frankie having a relaxing afternoon.


Nan and =^..^= said...

Your cats are so beautiful and handsome!
It was about 70 degrees here in southern Maine yesterday...did a little spring cleaning! Saw a few crocuses in our yard and it looked like the birds and squirrels were having a many gathered around the bird feeders! A very lovely welcome to the first day of spring. This morning the temperature is 40 degrees and the high may reach 45. Oh well, at least we had a taste of spring! Hope your snow melts away soon!
Sounds like you have many projects!

Anonymous said...

Cats have Life worked out or what! Don't worry about the lack of blog material. "Blogging Without Obligation" is what it's about.

Spring finally seems to be settling in here in central England. Daytime temps are getting into double digits celsius. Loads of daffodils in the flower shops. Very cheap too. I have a couple of bunches in the house now. They make a gorgeous splash of colour. The lengtening days are very welcome too.

avalon said...

Adorable love seeing your pictures of the cats. And love reading ALL your posts! Hope you enjoy your solitude in April x

Pete said...

love those cats - look very contented

Cicero Sings said...

Along with writer's block I have writer's rebellion too. I just don't wanna do it ... ie think too hard or hard enough to put fingers to keyboard and formulate sentences! That and no pictures.

We arrived down at the coast yesterday. Things are turning green here already though at home, there is green grass showing up in the sunny spots and pussy willows on the trees ... even our shading lawn is losing its coating of snow.

A gray day here, a day to relax after the long drive.

Jo said...

I had a bout with the blogger's blank over the winter this year. I would sit down at the computer and just sit here looking at the monitor with not a thought in my head. Totally blank. I have resorted to carrying around a little notebook to jot ideas down in that I might like to share in a post. It is working so far.

I love your beautiful cats. Enjoy your alone time. I think everyone needs that from time to time.

Kelly said...

...a fun post! I think you definitely got rid of the block. When all else fails, post the cats! I especially love the last two shots. I need to take some photos of our Bip...he's quite a character. It sounds like you have a lot of work ahead of you! But it's good work, and with spring pushing through, it will make it easier. (I think I have the same boatload of work too...)

Cindy said...

.... as ever I enjoy my visit to your blog, and thank you for your nice comments about my photos, it is much appreciated. ooooooh Espana ... does Himself need somebody to carry his suitcase??? xxx

Roses and Lilacs said...

We have finally gotten rid of our snow but I have a feeling we will see more before the winter gives up.

I'm like you, can't walk past those racks of seed. All the possibilities:)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous kitties~! When you have writer's block you can always post kitty pics!

richard said...

Busy Crow here.Do not disturb :).

Bimbimbie said...

With a list of Spring jobs you'll soon be napping like Frankie*!*