Sunday, January 13, 2013

First Storm.

We've had the first real storm of winter.   Some areas received up to 75 cm of the white stuff.  Winds were so high that the snow was blowing down the road sideways.  Power was out through most of the island.  We lost ours early in the morning and didn't get it back until mid afternoon.  Actually this wasn't so bad as sometimes it can be out for much longer.  Phones were out as well.  Times like this I can't help but think of people who have electric heat.   Fortunately we burn wood for our heating so we're toasty warm without electric power.   I was talking to my parents before the phones went out and they said there was about four feet of snow against their front door and figured it would be a couple of days before they could get out. 

Picture, not mine, of one doorway blocked. 

We went out at one point when the storm seemed to have abated somewhat and tried to shovel out the car but, alas, the driveway was filling in as fast as we were shoveling. 

Find the car!  lol

I did manage to get to a couple of bird feeders.  Loads of little Juncos were waiting for food. 

A few shots of the snow.

Luckily when it was all over a friend came with his plow and cleared the driveway.  The snow was so heavy that there was no way we could have done it ourselves.   So, it's all over until the next time.  Hurry Spring!!


Tricia said...

(((OC))) - glad you're OK though... hard for us to imagine snow like that...but we've been threatened with.. some!!

Sondra said...

YUK, I love snow when Im on a ski trip but other than that its painful. Glad you got a friend with a plow...I cant imagine trying to shovel all that.
I'm almost ashamed to tell you it was 80 degrees here yesterday I slept with windows open last night.
We really do live in an every changing world!!

wicKED said...

Glad everything is ok, but those are some really nice shots you got!

grammie g said...

HI ...looks like you got a decent storm there, but living in Maine USA it is not a big deal to me we have our share of the white
stuff too : )
I think, I just popped over from Jan at ShySongbird ?
I'll be back !

Toffeeapple said...

That was a lot of snow. We had about 2cms and that soon melted when it rained. I am so glad that I don't have to deal with all the problems that snow brings to you.

Stay warm!

Ali said...

Now that's proper snowfall. We got an inch or so here in central England and it's the usual chaos. LOL! I have fond memories of my parent's wood burning furnace in the basement and wood stove in the kitchen. I'd love to have those here. NG is so expensive for heating but almost all there is for home heating here.

I love that photo of the Junco waiting patiently for his/her supper. Take care out there.


Pete said...

call that snow.......



Victoria said...

Glad your power came back on quickly. We lose power a lot here, too, and I feel bad for the people who have all electric homes.

My cottage has an old fashioned gas floor heater, plus the fireplaces and I'm so thankful for those.

I hope that snow melts quickly for you, OC.

Blessings, Victoria

Cicero Sings said...

Wow, I've never seen that much snow at once. I can't imagine if I had to shovel myself out of that! Guess I'd have to hunker down and wait for spring to melt it away. Somehow I'd have to get to my wood pile though. Good thing you had someone that could plow you out.

No fun being without electricity. I do have a wood stove and am glad for it.