Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday, Jan. 18.

Tommy has had his surgery and is back to being his impish self once again.    Taking an afternoon nap.

We've had lovely spring like weather this past number of days, it won't last though as snow is expected overnight.    I got a wonderful surprise in the mail a couple of days ago.   A package from my daughter which included this T-shirt: 

And these two books that I'd been eyeing:

I'm so excited.   When things start getting back to some kind of normal in my life I'll be trying my hand at some of these. 


Toffeeapple said...

It is good to know that Tommy is back to his old self. I hope you manaage to make some of the dolls in the books; I do so agree about commas!

Lola Morningstar said...

Tommy, sigh..loves 'im.
Can't wait to see the dolls you create..maybe even get one, hint hint

Sondra said...

HOW nice those books look really interesting, I cant wait to see a doll!! Glad Tommy is home and all went well!!

Victoria said...

I'm so glad Tommy made it through his kitty operation just fine and is back to his old self! Looking forward to seeing the dolls you're going to make.



Tricia Ryder said...

Really glad you've got something to look forward to and anticipate :) ....