Saturday, December 01, 2012

A Bright Sunshiny Day!

We've had our first real snowfall.  Aside from the fact that I don't like the stuff, I have to admit that it looks very pretty. 

A few pictures taken yesterday morning.   The sky was so blue and crystal clear.

We went to Gander earlier this week to do our monthly shopping.  I was dreading it because I figured this time of year the stores would be blocked with people and the lineups at the checkouts would be unbelievably long.    I was nicely surprised to see that this wasn't so.   We got back home by early afternoon.  

There are so many birds at the feeders these days as it's been terribly cold and they need to bulk up on food to keep warm on these cold nights.   This Northern Flicker was here the other morning.  I've only ever seen one a couple of times.  He didn't stay for long so I only managed to get this one picture.

Speaking of birds, it's just getting daylight and I must get outside to fill the feeders for the day.   It's so cold out, brrrrrrrrr!


ShySongbird said...

It does look very wintry. We have lots of ice and frost here and some parts of the country are expecting snow too.

Lovely photos and that Northern Flicker is gorgeous!

Be careful at those feeders, I hope you have some strong elastic in the pyjamas!! ;-)

Cicero Sings said...

The snow and frost can look so pretty. Your pictures of it are lovely. We've had snow but it is mostly gone as it has been rather warm for this time of year. Sooner or later the arctic blasts will blow and we will have our turn.

oldcrow61 said...

Shy Songbird, I have much stronger elastic in my drawers these days, lol.

Cicero, I'm sure you're right and you'll get the arctic blast before long. I've noticed that you seem to have similar weather to us.

Toffeeapple said...

Your snow scenes are beautiful but, like you, I dislike snow in general.

I had never heard of the Northern Flicker before, that's another species I have to learn about, thank you.

Ali said...

Its cold here too, but not enough to snow. It always looks great in photis doesn't it. I haven't even started my shopping yet.


Sondra said...

What a blue sky! I enjoy snow from time to time, but dealing with it on a daily basis is not so good...I love the flicker shot!

Victoria said...

The photos of the snow are so beautiful. I'm glad your shopping went well, I hate shopping in stores with such a passion this time of year! I love the photo of the northern flicker; we have a similar looking flicker here called the gilded flicker. It has orange on its cheeks instead of the back of its head.

Stay warm, OC!

Blessings, Victoria

Tricia said...

Snow may well be unwelcome (it is with me as well) but your pics of it are stunning and so beautiful.

Great to have all your birdie visitors... nice one OC :)