Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Morning.

So there I was early this morning sitting at the computer enjoying my first coffee when I hear an "ahem" behind me.  I turned around and there was himself stark naked with a Xmas elf hat on saying "See what Santa brought you for Xmas."  To say I nearly choked on the coffee is putting it mildly.  No picture!!

Speaking of pictures, the on/off button on my camera has bitten the dust.   I can still take pictures but to turn the camera off I have to hold down the off button and while doing this, take the batteries out.  A real nuisance.   I've had the camera for a good many years so I suppose it's time it started breaking down.  Himself tells me that I can use his camera, the one sitting on the shelf since he bought it.

I have all the decorating done.  To be honest my heart wasn't in it for some reason but now that I'm finished and look around, I'm happy.   I spend a morning making Nanimo  Bars and a truckload of shortbread.  I used my grandmothers old cookie cutters on the shortbread.    So many memories came flooding back.  

So, next on the agenda is to make a variety of finger food that I can freeze.  I'm thinking of having an open house Xmas Eve like I did last year so I like to have food already made then I'm freed up that day and it's off my mind.

That's about it!  A few pictures.....

Crows waiting for breakfast.

Blue Jay.

Just Cats.



ShySongbird said...

OC this is getting positively pornographic!! Not only do I have the image of the infamous pyjama incident firmly fixed in my mind's eye but I now have the early morning Xmas elf incident to contend with too!! This site needs an X rating ;-)

Lovely pics of your birdies and your picture perfect pussy cats. Your Christmas preparations put me to shame :-)

oldcrow61 said...

ahahaha, be thankful that I didn't take a picture. I must admit that I had second thoughts about telling that little story but then said "What the heck."

Toffeeapple said...

Goodness me, I was a little afraid to scroll down until I saw the 'no pictures' quote! I hope you didn't spray coffee on your computer?

Lovely birds and lovely cats.

Victoria said...

OC, that made me laugh out loud! I'm glad you posted about it because now I know my husband is not the only one who gets up to pranks like that.

Lovely pictures of the birds and the cats...but don't tell your cats you said they were 'just cats!' ;)

Blessings, Victoria

Tricia said...

lololol at your 'naked Viking' account... and yes, you were right to share it.

Love all your pictures, but your feline family take the biscuit nearly every time.

Glad you approve of your Christmas decorations.. you've succeeded where I have yet...

and you'll enjoy using himself's camera I'm sure... it shouldn't be sitting on a shelf.. :D

Ali said...

Oh my! I almost spit ginger beer all over the screen reading that. LOL!

And definitely, if Elfman there isn't prepared to put that fancy camera to good use, by all means you should.

Ali x

Pete said...

lovely the cats!!

new camera time?? :D

Cicero Sings said...

A right good chuckle you've been providing us with!

New cameras are lots of fun.