Saturday, November 24, 2012

Back Again!

My brain feels like it's been all over the place lately.   It seems that I have no time but of course I do.   I believe it's because I'm thinking too far ahead about things I have to do instead of concentrating on today.  I've been fairly busy......I spent three days painting our bedroom.  Not an easy task as I had to move so much heavy stuff around then haul the ladder all over the place to get at the walls.   My body was a wreck with all the twisting and turning.  I can honestly say it's the worse job of painting I've ever done.  However, it will suffice.  It was a rather dull colour, now it's a warm yellow and when the sun comes in through the windows the room brightens up considerably.

What else have I been doing......I did three mini paintings on 3" x 3 " wooden blocks to give as gifts.  Also painted four wooden boxes to fill and give as gifts.  Spent part of a day painting the tips of huge pinecones white to use as decoration for the holidays.  Then, I'm in the middle of sewing a, hmmm, I suppose it's a sort of dressing gown, in a patch work design.  Maybe a lounging coat would be a better name.   It's time consuming as each bit of material has to been sewn on. 

I also spent a morning clearing out the small storage room/pantry.   It was  filled with stuff that had been hanging around for years, stuff that was never used, and I was getting fed up with it all.  So, I packed up about seven boxes and lugged them up to the shed.  I have to go up a bit of a hill to get to the shed so bringing these boxes up there was no mean feat.

Another bear came around and knocked down a feeder that was nailed onto the top of a post.  That particular post had four wooden signs with the four directions and elements associated with them.  Two of those were hanging off.    That has now been repaired. 

Lots of birds around now.  You can set your watch by when the crows come flying in for breakfast.  7:15am I hear them cawing in the distance and within seconds big black shadows appear.   I do love them so.  The Juncos have arrived and will hang around for the winter.

Well, I really must take off.   We will be cleaning the chimney shortly.  We're just waiting for the sun to come up.   A few pictures.......Sleepy Stanley, Little Freya waiting for her treats and handsome Frankie posing for his picture.


Pete said...

lovely cats OC.

I do love the way you casually drop bear in....

Tricia said...

Aw they are such feline cuties... watch that back young lady :)

Toffeeapple said...

Yes, do take care of your back, you won't get another one. You are so busy, how do you manage it? The bears still worry me when you post about them.

I love Crows too, so majestic. I recently read a book entitled Corvus, a life with birds, by Esther Woolfson which I found very interesting.

Sondra said...

YOU been painting up a storm! I felt the same way after I painted the kitchen this summer it was the worst job Ive done, but at least I did it and so did you!
Cute kitty's, watch out for that bear!

oldcrow61 said...

Toffee Apple, I looked up that book on the internet and it looks like something I would enjoy. Thanks for telling me about it.

Ali said...

Good heavens girl, I'm tired just reading that post! I hope you won't be too pooped for Christmas when it arrives. Hard to believe a new year is just around the corner.


ShySongbird said...

Oh, my goodness! I'm exhausted after reading about all that work you've been doing, it also fills me with guilt about everything that needs doing here! I hope you'll show us the lounging coat eventually, it sounds lovely. It seems so strange to read 'another bear came round' ;)