Friday, October 19, 2012

Bits and peices.

It's been another busy week.  We had a couple of almost summer like days so I hauled out some outside lights to put up for the holiday season.    I figured why not take advantage of the warm weather rather than wait until December when the cold weather had set in. We also had a new set of back steps built so himself stained those again taking advantage of the lovely warm days. 

I bought a small electric fireplace a couple of weeks ago.  It seemed to be too low on the floor and looked lost.  I wasn't too happy with that so I bought some wood, built a platform for it, stained it and now am very happy indeed.

I might have mentioned that the Blue Jays are being proper bullies with regard to the feeders.  They've been eating up all the sunflower seeds and driving away the little birds.   I found a feeder in a seed catalogue that was for small birds and the bully birds couldn't get at the seeds.  It's one of the best investments that I've made in a long time.   The little birds love it and are going in and out all day long.  The jays are a little peeved but they do get enough to eat from the other feeders.

I did get a chance to make a straw man (King of Winter) for Samhain (Halloween).  We will welcome him at that time and he'll watch over the home during the winter months.   I've bought a pumpkin that I hope to stuff and bake at that time.  I've tried this recipe before and it turned out quite well. 

The "Benevolent King Cat" is regaled in it's bone necklace and skull necklace. 

The pumpkin.    

I also received some news this week that has me very excited.  My granddaughter is flying in for Christmas so if all goes well,  my daughter, granddaughter and grandson will be with us for a few days.  Now my mind is going crazy thinking of the kinds of cookies, etc. I can make.  I remembered my grandmothers shortbread cookies.  She'd cut them out with cookie cutters and put a bit of cherry in the center of each one then bake.  I knew I had her cookie cutters put away so found them and plan to do the same thing.

They are so old but the memories, ah, the memories!

Just a bit about the garden.   Most of the phlox is still in bloom and some of the other perennials.   A lot of the trees have finally changed colour with lots of leaves on the ground.  The fall smell is heady.  I love it.   The Burning Bush is putting on a nice little display as you can see from the picture. 

The crows arrive every morning at around 7:30 these days.  You can almost set your watch by them.  Then again around 4:30 pm.   Along with the Blue Jays, there are loads of Nuthatches and Chick a Dees.  Woodpeckers of course and recently I had two Common Jays drop by.


Tricia said...

Ah OC, I can positively feel your excitement of having daughter/grandson and granddaughter all with you at Christmas...and no wonder you're planning already, I'm sooo pleased for you :D

Amazing isn't it how objects can spark such wonderful memories.

King of Winter looks good; as does his friend ;) Just love the content of all your pictures....

Toffeeapple said...

How lovely that you have your Grandmother's cookie cutters and that you'll use them when your family arrives.

Your pictures are very colourful and I love the complicated feeder.

Sondra said...

Thats a terrific feeder for the small birds. Its a good idea to put out festive lights now. I purchased a set of solar outdoor lights. We have really enjoyed them so far...

The cookie cutters are wonderful, I LOVE vintage kitchen gadgets!! Enjoy your fall, your decorations are so cool!!

Pete said...

that skull shot is you :)

Victoria said...

You're so lucky to have your grandmother's cookie cutters! And how wonderful that your daughter, grandson and granddaughter will be able to visit for the holidays.

That burning bush is gorgeous and I love your King of Winter straw man, Benevolent King Cat and your new electric fireplace.

Blessings, Victoria

Ali said...

I love the observances you have for Samhain. I have a witch friend here who I must send this post on to.

Jays; I remember my late mother complaining about the jays at my parent's feeders. I think they took the same approach and got a bluejay-proof feeder so the smaller birds wouldn't get left out.It sounds like its going to be a lovely family Christmas for you too.


CatHerder said...

Love King Cat! Hope you have a nice visit with your grandaughter for the holidays

Victoria said...

OC, thanks for your comments over on my blog, I've been wondering if all was well with you and yours...I hope it is!



oldcrow61 said...

Victoria, thanks for asking how things are with me. I only just realized how long it's been since I blogged. Everything is fine. Will blog today with what's been going on.