Thursday, October 11, 2012


I can't seem to be able to keep up with anything here lately, ie: reading my favorite blogs, blogging myself, etc.  I've been to the city, saw the parents and my brother who was visiting.  Had a lot of fun there.  Then spent a couple of days with my daughter.  That was good.  She had a party with a Moroccan theme.  Quite a crowd showed up and everyone had made a Moroccan dish.  A fire was lit in the fire pit outside, some people were out there chatting, others in groups all over, chatting.  It was a good evening.   Just one little incident that I still laugh at.  I was sleeping on a futon in the yoga room so before most had left I went up to bed.  I was beat!  Got my pyjamas on and got nicely tucked away when the bed fell over and I ended up sprawled across the floor.  The lamp flew off the end table and hit the floor with a crash.  I expected a crowd of people to come running up the stairs to see what had happened but no.....I told my daughter the next morning and she said they heard a noise but well, thought nothing of it.  haha. 

I've been so busy trying to get the garden put to bed for the winter.  I've done quite a bit this past week but unfortunately I've hurt my hip once again.  This happens every October.  Something I do in the garden triggers it.  So, I don't know how much more will get done.  Thankfully the worst of the work is over so I might just sit back now and say the heck with the rest of it until spring. 

Not much in the way of leaves changing colour and everything looking very autumn like this year.  Most of the leaves seem to have dried up and just fallen off.  I noticed the same thing happening in the city. 

I've decorated the mantle this year.  It looks rather pretty.

All in all it's been a good year weather wise.  One of the best summers in a very long time.  Hoping the winter is not too harsh. 


Nan and =^..^= said...

Very beautiful autumn colors in your decorations for your mantle. Now that definitely has the feeling of autumn.
Know what you mean about the leaves this year. Many have fallen off without turning here but fortunately there are still some pockets of great color. Your futon story was amazing!
Glad you weren't injured!

Tricia said...

((OC)) that naughty hip again!!

And I wonder if it was an over indulgence of wine that caused you to fall out of bed ;)

Your mantle looks gorgeous.

And.. you've had such a good summer - so pleased for you :D

(but now I know where ours went - at least it went to a good home ;) )

Toffeeapple said...

I am sorry to hear that you have hurt your hip again - was it the falling off the futon that did it?

I love the way your have decorated your mantel-piece - I wish I had one.

oldcrow61 said...

lol Tricia, the bed tipped over causing me to go sprawling across the floor. Nothing to do with too much wine.

Toffee apple, my hip gets bad every October. It's strange but must be something I'm doing in the garden at that time.

Nan, we did see some colour yesterday when we went to do some shopping in a neighbouring community. It was lovely to see.

Victoria said...

OC, I hope your hip gets better soon. I agree, it's probably something you're doing in the garden...a different way of bending or twisting that you only do at this time of year.

I'm glad you weren't hurt when the bed tipped over and dumped you out! I think you and I might be kindred spirits when it comes to odd, but funny, mishaps.

Your mantle is gorgeous!

Ali said...

I love those photos. Its nice to be able to bring some of Nature's beauty indoors, isn't it. It's been a mostly wet, chilly Autumn here in England, like much of the Summer was.

I'm almost ready for Halloween. Hope you are too and take care of that hip.

Ali x

Cicero Sings said...

Lovely, how you decorate your mantle. I don't have a mantle and am too lazy to decorate one if i did.

Sounds like a busy but great time even with the odd incident. My garden didn't get finished off to my satisfaction either but it is a tad milder today so hopefully today i'll get out there again. I received a free load of manure on Saturday and want to get some of that on.

Ahhh your hip and my back - what pains they are!

Our early snow is mostly gone.