Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Singing....Rain, Rain Go Away......

The rain is coming down in torrents. Himself is trying to make his way back home from the city. A three hour drive and the highway must be in an awful state. We've had some lovely weather though so can't complain. The cats have the best idea on what to do on a day like today.

Many bees coming around now. I've seen butterflies as well but haven't been able to get a picture. I love the way this bee has pollen all over his face.

And, a fly was seen.

The garden is alive with birds these days. The Pine Grosbeak has been coming every day. A fine looking fellow.

Some odds and ends......

Rabbit in the garden. Playing an instrument no less!

Freya relaxing.

I finally got a path cut along part of the tree line.

There are a few wild strawberries that have set up home among some of the plants. They are now coming into bloom.

The plants are all growing wonderfully well. Leaves are out on the trees and the berry trees are in blossom.


Dixxe's Doodles said...

Looks like things are getting started for you--thats great the rain will make everything even happier!! Wish we had it--very hot here now with high humidity..and it keeps us inside just as the rain does--Enjoy that sunshine when it arrives!

Pete said...

great post oc. love the cats and that pine grosbeak is great

Tricia said...

Wonderful stuff OC... The cats have got the right idea and your garden is sounding really springlike! That bee though is wonderful and as for the birds.....well!!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Good morning OC, Freya has found a wonderful little cottage to keep watch from.

I have strawberries which I planted as a ground cover in a difficult spot. I'm enjoying picking a berry now and then if I can get to them before the birds.

Bimbimbie said...

Just been admiring your new wellington boots and jazzy garden trowel, very nice.

The wings of the Pine Grosbeak match those sunflower seeds :)

seema gupta said...

enjoyed watching these different pics