Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's a bit of a wet day but never the less I was outside trying to cut back some of the dogwood tree that's made up it's mind to take over the whole property.   Every year I have to do that and yet it seems to come back with a great deal of ferocity.   So, I come in more than a bit wet and decide to do another post. 

Himself arrived back home on Sunday.  He's looking a bit frail and has since been running a fever with stomach cramps.  I expect it's some kind of bug that he's picked up.  Thankfully he has a doctor appointment in a couple of days.   He's still having heart problems and can't do much without becoming very weak.  He's been told by two doctors that there isn't anything they can do about it.  Anyway, enough of that. 

I saw a grasshopper in the garden this week.  I haven't seen any for years and remember when I was a young child walking through my grandmothers garden, they'd be hopping all over the place.   I've been told it's because of the hot dry summer we've been having that they are around.   It landed on the table so I got a picture.  Very cute but probably very destructive.

The Pacific Giant Delphiniums are doing me proud this year.  They are beauties.

Friends were in the area a couple of weeks ago and dropped by for coffee.  They brought the Mexican whom I'd never met before.  What a darling.  She made herself quite a home which was a surprise to all.

The Mexican.

Everything has grown so well this year.  Unfortunately there will be no black currants.  Usually the branches are so laden down with berries that I have to tie them up but the frost hit at the worse time for them and destroyed any chance of berries. 

The Jays are here all the time with the young ones.  Such a lot of noise. 

A couple of angels in the garden.  One on a rock and one sleeping at the foot of a tree.  

                                                                              Well, I don't know what happened here but I'll continue

                                                                                on with a few pictures around the garden.

Well, this got all screwed up, lol.  Oh well!  Que sera, sera!


Tricia said...

Blogger does like to do things its own way doesn't it!!

Lovely stroll around your garden again - it always looks so peaceful and relaxing.

The Mexican is rather pretty and certainly does look to have made herself at home - very comfy.

Fingers crossed for Himself - I know you'll be glad when he's mended.. perhaps it is a 'foreign' stomach bug?

mrsgrumblebug said...

I'm sorry to hear your partner is unwell. It's a bit disconcerting that the doctors aren't more helpful.

I love your giant delphiniums! Such gorgeous flowers. In fact, your whole garden is looking very lush. It's interesting that you say you've not seen grasshoppers in a long time. Perhaps this one's appearance is a good thing.

When you posted about The Mexican, I was sure it was a person, not a dog. LOL!

Summer here in England continues more cold and wet than hot and sunny. Never mind. New month tomorrow and I'm thinking ahead to Fall.

I'm on Wordpress for good now O.C. so just follow the link to get to me. As always, Wytchwood Ramblings is listed there. I'd hate to lose track of my bit of Atlantic Canada.


Toffeeapple said...

What a lovely meander through your sylvan glade. Those Delphiniums are spectacular - a beautiful colour.

I hope that your partner is soon restored to full health.

Our summer has deteriorated yet again, back to low temps and rain.

Are Grasshopper destructive?

oldcrow61 said...

Tricia, I think you're right about blogger. Either that or I really don't know what I'm doing,lol.

MrsGrumblebug, I've heard about the terrible summer you've been having. We're having the best one in years. Wish I could send some your way.

Toffee Apple, from what I've read about grasshoppers, they eat grass and some plant leaves. I'm hoping if I become invaded with them that the birds will help me. Apparently birds like them as food.

Sondra said...

Sometimes it seems Blogger has an evil twin--
Lovely shots of your garden it must be fabulous to see! Love those delphinums!!
The Mexican is so cute...

Victoria said...

OC, your garden is so very beautiful! I'm so sorry to hear that himself is unwell, I hope the flu bug leaves him soon.

Pete said...

the RIP is so YOU OC! :D

oldcrow61 said...

Pete, I took that picture just for you. lol

Suz said...

lovely wild garden
followed you here from Victoria's blog...loved your name...and it proved to be right...kindred soul you are....Hope your beloved himself....oh I love that Irish name of endearment...hope he recovers soon...
Now to check out mrs.grumblebug..what will I find there?

Angie said...

Your garden is so beautiful---I would love to be there strolling amongst the flower fairies and angels.

Cicero Sings said...

Your garden looks soooooo inviting. Would love to wander through and just set a spelll snd take soft breaths of the ambiance.

Do hope Himself is on the mend by the time you get this!

Always lovely to have company and the Mexican looks like she knows a relaxing place when she finds one!

ShySongbird said...

Sorry to be so late commenting OC and so sorry 'Himself' is unwell, I hope by now he has improved. 'The Mexican is beautiful...she knows where she is welcome...they always do!

Such lovely photos from your garden, the flowers are so pretty and I love the little grasshopper...and so will your beautiful birds, I'm sure ;-)