Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another Update.

So, here I was, just as daylight was coming over the horizon, up on the roof laughing at myself.   The chimney needed cleaning so nothing for it but to do it myself.   The reason for my laughter was that I realized how I must look.  Holding the long chimney brush with an old ragged jacket belonging to himself, full of burn holes from being around bonfires and full of spruce gum and murr from the wood and heaven only knows what else, with an old toque on the head and big old boots on, standing on the roof.   The jacket being way too big, hanging down to my knees and over sized gloves.   Thinking back to when I use to be a bit of a fashionista, I couldn't help but laugh at myself.  

I had been back in the city once again for another week because another incident happened to himself and he was once again on life support.  Thankful it was only for a couple of days.  It's been a dreadful time for all involved.  He is now starting to get his voice back and each day I saw a tiny difference for the good.  He's very weak and not eating much.  They are trying to exercise him now a little step at a time but it's going to be some time before he's anyway near normal.   He's been moved from the Cardiac Care Unit and is now in the Special Care Unit where I can talk to him on the phone a couple of times a day. 

Yesterday we had a snowfall.  About six inches fell so this morning the deck had to be shoveled and I had to get the snow off the wood to bring it inside.   Fortunately it's been covered with tarpaulins but still, had to get the snow off those.   Then put wood in the sleigh and haul it down to the house, take it off the sleigh and bring it inside.   I'll be so glad when this winter is over.   I've heard that we are to have 25 cm of the white stuff on Friday but fingers crossed that they are wrong.  

So, with thoughts of spring and summer in my mind, here's a picture of some of my roses.


Toffeeapple said...

I am thinking positive thoughts to send to you and Himself, OC. I hope the snow leaves you alone, it's hard to work in it.

Be strong m'dear.

Sondra said...

Had to laugh at you up on the roof...ITS scary being on a roof I did the same myself not long ago..I SHOULD have cleaned that chimney while I was up there...NOW ive got to go back!
HOPE himself continues to recover...I know he is eager to get out of the hospital. Tomorrow is the first day of spring so maybe soon you will be out in your garden enjoying the flowers!!

Victoria said...

OC, I'm glad you can talk to himself on the phone now. I hope you don't get the snow they're predicting...you've enough to deal with without that!

Blessings to you and all your loved ones,


Ali said...

Whether it looks or feels like it, the Vernal Equinox arrived today so Spring is officially here. I hope the new season sees your partner improving. You must miss him very much.

Ali x

Tricia said...

So glad to hear of the improvements with Himself and you must be pleased to brought able to talk to him mote often.

Only you would be shimming up chimneys .. pity you didn't have the tiara on....

Don't like the sound of more snow for you....take care now young lady :)

ShySongbird said...

So sorry things are still difficult but I'm glad you are able to speak on the phone now. I am sending you many good wishes that things improve very, very soon.

The mental image of you on the roof is so funny but you are much braver than me, I feel dizzy standing on a chair!

CatHerder said...

wishing you a happy spring and hoping all starts to go well with you