Tuesday, November 28, 2017

About Bears and Stuff.

A funny thing happened today, well we did have a bit of snow but that wasn't it.  My computer was giving me problems so I shut it down.  Then I thought of a tablet that my brother had given me for Xmas last year that I had put away on a shelf.   I used it once if I remember correctly.  So I decided to give it a go.  I wanted to use messenger on face book to get in touch with my daughter.  I'm not all that savy when it comes to computers or indeed tablets.   I managed to get the facebook page and then I had to install messenger.   My head was splitting by the time I got that done.   In fact I was feeling quite flushed.  So I was writing her to say I was using the tablet as I had shut the computer off.   You know, and I can't believe it, I was so frustrated that I couldn't figure out how to make the spaces between the words.  The letters were small enough that I had to touch with my fingers and I was looking for an icon to make a space.  Well, not finding one I sent the message off looking garbled and all one long word with a couple of mistakes.   I finally, of course, realized that there was a space bar there so wrote the message again saying "I'm using the bloody tablet."  I didn't have that written out when the phone rang....it was my daughter, who had read the message and was quite concerned, thinking I might be having a stroke.   It was hilarious!

It's gotten quite chilly now.  I don't think it got much above zero today.  A grouse has been coming to the garden most days lately.  And last month a few bears came to the garden.  Not all at once but over the space of a couple of weeks.  Wildlife caught two of them in a live trap and transported them further away.   It's usually May and October when I see them.  Gorgeous creatures.  I managed to get two photos of one but not very good pictures.  One by the deck and one of him going off towards the woods. 

He was standing up with paws on the railing sniffing the air but just as I was about to take the picture he was getting down. 

And the grouse.

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