Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Another lost trip to the City.

I took the afternoon bus into the city last Thursday, my parents picked me up once I arrived, then went to their house for supper. My daughter met us there and after supper we went to her house. I went in specificially to help her clean and fix up the third floor of her house as she is hoping to get a boarder to help with expenses. I also had a list of things I wanted to get while in the city. Friday morning, I started in on the cleaning and by lunch time it was looking pretty darn good. We decided to go shopping for part of the afternoon. I managed to get a few things on the list so after about two hours we went back to her place. After having a bite to eat we went to an opening at one of the art galleries then on to the Crows Nest, a private club, where we met up with a friend for a drink and chat. It was all lovely until we arrived back at my daughters at about 8:30pm. She checked her phone messages and there was a frantic call telling me to phone home immediately. I phoned and my partner answered, I could barely understand what he was saying, then a friend whom he had called when he found he was in trouble took the phone. Her and her husband were there, the ambulance had just arrive, partners speach was all slurred, his right eye was swollen and painful, his right arm wasn't working right and he could barely walk. She said that her husband was going to follow the ambulance to the hospital, an hours drive away, and she would phone back as soon as she heard something. Her husband, bless him, stayed at the hospital until 2:30 in the morning. In the mean time my parents said they would take me back home and stay with me for a couple of days. I phoned the hospital when we arrived and they said everything was fine, blood work, EKG, and cat scan were all negative. He was released that same afternoon so my Dad and I went in and picked him up. Although a bit weak, otherwise in good spirits. However, around midnight that night, it came on him again, only this time not so bad. He sat up for awhile, then lay down in bed and went fast to sleep. Thankfully he has been fine ever since except for feeling a bit weak. When Monday came, we had a big argument. I said he should go to the local doctor and tell him what had happened on the weekend. No way could I get him to go. So, we still don't know what happened. It seems that everytime I go to the city for a few days something terrible happens to him, healthwise. My daughter is thinking it's maybe anxiety attacks brought on because I have left him for a few days. lol, hard to believe that. He now takes his blood pressure three times a day as he is very nervous over his health. Although he would never admit that. So.............what can one do, he's still planning to go on his trip to the US on the l7th of this month. In the mean time I'm worried that he is going to have another "attack" of what ever it was. I wish they knew what had happened so we could at least put a name to it and do something about it.


janine13 said...

That must have been very worrying. Hope he is feeling better. Go on strike until he sees a doctor! :D

flicker said...

I agree with Janine, men really piss me off about not going to the doctors, as if it means they are not macho or something. My dad was the same, and he had pains in his chest on the Sunday, said it was just indigestion. On the Tuesday he died at home on the settee of a massive heart attack.

OC have you or he considered it may have been an allergic reaction to something? Just guessing, but the swelling of his eye and the paralysis just made me think "allergy" Get him to go or threaten to leave him if he doesnt!

oldcrow61 said...

We have been thinking it might have been an allergic reaction to something. He confessed as to why he won't go to the doctor, he's afraid he may find out something that will make him cancel his trip. MEN!!!

nicola said...

Over here they do allergy testing in health stores......it might just be something simple.

Pleased he is better, but best if you can get him to goto the docs just to be sure

Boo said...

Yes, men are the pits when it comes to going to the doctors!

Glad he is better though!