Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday Morning......Sigh!

Well, I couldn't connected to the internet most of the morning so needless to say I was getting a little frustrated. I figured I'd leave it for awhile so my mind went on to this large Pumpkin a friend grew and gave me. I wanted it on the front porch and had to get it up four steps. As it was so heavy I couldn't get it off the ground, someone suggested I cut the top off and take out the inside. Brilliant idea! So I go out with a very large knife and a scoop and start to work on it. This made it considerably lighter so still, nearly wrecking my back, I get it up on the deck. Thinking I would carve the face out later today, I put the top back on, went down the steps and looked back at it and decided I had found the perfect place for it. Came back inside and tried the computer again. Yay, it was working again. After a while, I got up and looked out the front door....Sob!!....there, back down on the ground is my pumpkin all in peices. I was shattered, not unlike the pumpkin. I don't know how it got knocked over but one of the cats was there looking up at me. Could it be that she pushed it over??

Something nice happened yesterday. I saw a Grey Jay outside. Haven't seen one around for over a year I'd say. So, I got my camera and some bread and managed to get a picture. It was very awkward with the camera in one hand and holding the other hand out with the food for the Jay. I hope more start coming around as they are such sweet creatures.

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Jeannie said...

OC,I believe that after awhile the wildlife come to recognize your voice just as our pets do.My dear Granny use to say that all she had to do was clear her throat and the lambs would come a running from all over.The crows visited her EVERY morning at 7 am crowing and squalking (I hated it cause it disturbed my sleep in).I try to call out to the dear saying dear dear my husband thinks I'm cracked but I think that in time they"ll come running too. I also believe that the old owl that I frequently see is my Grandma coming to visit, so maybe he has a point!! Keep calling to the dear ones and hopfully before long you won't have to wait a whole year to see them again.It's worth the try.
whoo whoo, Jeannie