Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday, January 5th.

Tiny knock at the door, open the door, no one there, then as my eyes go down to the ground I see a tiny prickly little treasure, who looks up at me and says, "I'm the bloke wot Anna sent!" Am I over the moon or I actually have my own little hog. Not hogless anymore, yay. Once he gets over his jet lag, I'm hoping he will tell me his name. At the moment he is sitting comfortably by the computer on an extra mouse pad. I can tell you, he's a charmer this one.

As to the virus we have been suffering through, well, we are on the mend. Still weak but getting better with each passing hour it seems. The weather has been marvelous, above zero so the chickens have been spending most days running around outside. A bit of sun yesterday had them all stretched out in the rock garden, quite a sight to see. A strange lack of wild birds though. I was asking a friend this morning if he noticed the same thing and he said there weren't many coming to his feeders either.

I soon have to get my new camera out of the box and start reading the manual. This is where I start wanting to chuck it all in, therefore, I'm waiting until I'm feeling better before I get myself in a state of frustration. In the meantime I will add the software so I will be all set to go in a day or two.


Pete said...

take lens cap off!!

set the cam to auto at first!! there should be a basic setting in manual!!

oldcrow61 said...

Take lens cap off?? Ha,ha,ha. Got it set on auto, been outside three times this morning, getting cold, waiting to see a bird. Ha, no luck. Any other time I would be trying to shoo them away from me...well, almost, lol.

nicola said...

dont just wait for the birds oc, take photos of anything and everything that way you will get used to holding the camera and settings. I often am found outside taking photos of leaves :)

oldcrow61 said...

Good idea Nic. I'm so bent on getting a decent bird picture that my mind has been stuck there. lol