Thursday, January 25, 2007

January 25th., 2007

The Picture! This is what "Fed up With Winter" looks like in my house. Well, it's been a miserable couple of days for me healthwise. I've been in bed this past two nights at 6:00pm. with headache, sore throat and chills. This is very unusual for me as I rarely get as much as a headache. I figure it's a cold or flu. I must admit that I look with amusement at people that are running to get a flu shot every fall, but I daresay I will be one of the first there this coming October.

Yesterday we had another snow storm. Blizzard conditions at times. Now they are saying that we are in for much worse tomorrow. In preparation for the weekend, we put wood on the deck so we won't have to wade through heavy snow to get to the woodpile. I was up on the ladder three times yesterday pushing the snow off the hens "solarium" and shoveling out around their door. The poor little birds, mostly Juncos, were battling their way to the feeders. They were using the platform feeder so several times I had to clear that off and put more seed down. The storm abated last night and this morning it is very calm.

We finally got the driveway shoveled out, then Roger went to the store to get some things we may need. He walked, an hour there and back. I told him that he was quite mad, never the less off he went. So, we are prepared for the worse, if indeed it does hit us tomorrow.


Boo said...

Awwww, they look so snug and cosy!
Bet they are glad they don't HAVE to go out in it.

Jan said...

You poor thing, all that snow, and now getting the flu, and still having to go out and see to your chickens. Hope you feel better soon. Keep warm.

nicola said...

awwww cute photo