Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hot and Sunny!

I have been so busy. Starting the middle of last week, I was preparing for the old fellows birthday party on Friday past. Then a friend of his came for the party and stayed until Sunday. Yesterday, Monday, I worked in the garden all day digging, moving plants, cutting back tree branches, cutting back plants. I was very tired last night but it was one of those lovely feelings of tiredness and the knowing that so much was accomplished. It was a lovely day to work outside. Today is sunny and just beautiful. I started once again in the garden but it was so hot by lunchtime that I had to give it up until it cools off later in the day. Lots of bees and other insects about, also a dragonfly that I followed around for sometime with the camera but didn't get a shot although I was trying to talk to him with my mind saying, "Land, land, land.", lol.

Other than that I can't say that there has been much happening. I have to get as much done in the garden before the end of September as I possibly can. We have to also put new plastic on the hens greenhouse area. All the plant pots have to be put away along with the garden ornaments and I'd like to put compost on all the gardens before it gets too cold. The main thing at the moment is to get all the plants that need moving done before long as there roots need time to grab into the earth. I have blogs to catch up on as well.

A few pictures taken today.


Chick a Dee.

Breaking seed.

Sweet Freya.

Some of the flowers now in bloom.

Giant Sunflowers.



Work Day.


ShySongbird said...

What beautiful photos! Those Sunflowers look so cheerful. Could you send me a little piece of your motivation please ;) my garden desperately needs it!!!

Your Chick a Dee looks very much like our Coal Tit.

Sorry I didn't comment on your last post (I thought I had!) I definitely read it and was sorry to hear of the problem with your hip but I assume you are feeling much fitter now. Don't overdo it!!

Quicksilvercountry said...

Hi Oldcrow, that's the trouble this time of the year, the garden needs getting into shape but we all want to sit and enjoy the last of the summer. At least you can soon think, it's too cold to garden and can sit in front of the fire with Freya for a rest. Loved the last photo, like a secret glimpse into your garden.

Now go and put your feet up. Andrew

Tricia said...

There always seems to be a work rush towards Autumn when we need to be one step ahead of the winter weather!
It's been amazingly warm here too OC.

Lovely pictures and I notice that, in the last one, your work is being monitored by a very relaxed supervisor!

Cicero Sings said...

We are heading home today. Yea! Our garden definitely needs work before the frosts set in .. but, we had to come down here for various reasons. Sigh. Then 4 more days at home and off to Kelowna to get poor Mingus snipped. He sure doesn't like this city life ... a real country dog.

We've been having the mildest of falls.

Nan and =^..^= said...

We are also experiencing beautiful weather which is so welcomed after the miserable summer! It's so nice to see your garden helper!

Roses and Lilacs said...

I know what you mean about that tired but good feeling when you've done accomplished a lot. It is hot and humid here too but cooler temps are coming. Not frost I hope.

Dixxe's Doodles said...

Hi OC..you always have the best bee photos Ive ever seen! AND we both have that lovely sedum in our gardens...butterflies love it...time for the fall flutters to show up. I am still away from home, but come Sunday I will be returning for the winter!

Ali said...

Sunflowers! One of my favourites. Your cats are sweet. I wish hubby wasn't seriously allergic or we'd have one or two.