Friday, April 09, 2010

City visit...part two

I arrived at Laurie's last Thursday and she had some friends coming for dinner that night. It was a lovely evening. The next day we were invited to another friends house for a Good Friday brunch. The man of the house was making crepes with a variety of food to stuff them with laid out on the table. There was a nice crowd there, lots of conversation. Then Saturday I went to the parents for the next two days, but first......

A couple of Laurie's four cats.

Skipper, the sweet little one eyed cat who was homeless until she took him in a few years ago.

Skipper and Sagwa.

The pigeons wait on her roof for breakfast each morning.

After visiting the park on Sunday morning we decided to go to Signal Hill. You can get some great views from there.

Cabot Tower.

City and Harbour.

My brother and parents enjoying a before dinner drink. My father informs me that he wants to have his 90th. birthday at my house in July. So, big party in the making...whoo hooo!


Tricia said...

Now there's some very contented cats OC. And those views - are stunning as are the pics. The first "view" picture is wonderful.

And a party to plan and look forward too..... woo hoo indeed :D

Roses and Lilacs said...

She certainly has handsome cats.

Love that sign!

Cicero Sings said...

Great views Old Crow.

A 90th party eh? I had one for Mom almost 6 years ago. Definitely a cause for celebration!

Ali said...

Love the kitties. The city looks great. Hubby was looking at the photos and said he thought he could live there.

Congrats to your dad for his 90th!

Dixxe's Doodles said...

SOme great and lucky cats pictured there!..Sounds as if you had an awesome visit with your family!! The view from up top there is pretty impressive...
That sign post doenst have SC on it, lol
OH thats gonna be a wonderful party..90th!
We had a big bash for my mom when she turned 80 now here she is gonna be 86!!
Im out of town myself this week...its nice to get away...

Kelly said...

...this place is gorgeous! What a view... Plus, the sweet little kitties are so cute. Have fun planning the party!

Janine said...

What a great vantage point. Amazing pics.

Pete said...

nice views oc. ta for sharing