Sunday, April 25, 2010

Grey Sky Day.

It's been a busy weekend with the parents here. They arrived on Friday and went back home today. The weather wasn't condusive to doing anything outside like sitting on the deck soaking up the sun, oh no, in fact Saturday morning we had flurries. Temperatures at zero when we got up this morning but it has warmed up slightly. My mother had brought out a bunch of hard cover books to donate to the library so we went over there Saturday afternoon. Saturday evening we were invited to a friends for dinner. It was lovely.

Saturday morning himself phoned from Spain and when I happened to mention that it was snowing, he said he wasn't coming back, lol. I've done hardly anything in the garden and am hoping for some sun and warmer temperatures soon. So much to do and time is marching on.

The birds have been quite active. The purple finches are still around and coming to the feeders each day. The squirrel is back and forth at the sunflower feeder. I'm assuming it's the same little one. I just can't resist that face and take far too many shots.

Woodie trying to get to the suet but Mr. squirrel is not having any of it.

Chickens finding treats.

This one figures she can find better stuff up in the compost heap.

The perinnials are coming up and the chives as always are one of the first things to shoot up.

This was the first winter for the Faux Cypress and it seems like it came through with flying colours.

This piece of wood is getting pretty weathered. I don't expect it will last a lot longer. I've had it a good many years now and must say the it's one of my favorite things.

And so, that's about it for now. I have a lot of catching up to do now that my company has gone.


Tricia said...

I always enjoy seeing your garden, animals and birds!!

Now that little squirrel is soooo cute! No wonder you want to take so many pictures and as for that woodie - it's a beauty. And seeing to two of them together LOL..

Sounds like a good weekend was had.

Pete said...

love that squidgy

Ali said...

I'm sorry to hear Spring still hasn't kicked Old Man Winter completely out the door on The Rock. She seems to have done so, finally, on this side of the Pond. I'll send some to you.


Roses and Lilacs said...

I love to put pieces of drift wood in my garden too. Too bad it doesn't last longer.

We had a gloomy weekend but didn't end up with nearly enough rain.

Dixxe's Doodles said...

That was really funny--so he is not coming back...hmmm
I know you enjoyed the visit with your parents...its good to have family over for a while...
I have a love/hate thing with squirrels..I love to take photos of them they are so cute but I hate the damage they do to my feeders--grr.
YOUR birds look great chickens and all--I've got plans to get a flock myself! Hope the warm weather blesses you soon!

Janine said...

Nice to see the girls again. Hope the warm weather comes soon for you! Maybe himself will bring some back from Spain.

Bimbimbie said...

Squirrels always have a look of surprise about them, cute as they are.

Hope you get some dry weather soon*!*