Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rain, rain and flippin cold as well!!!!!

The sky is so heavy with rain that it's almost as dark as night. More people than me are wondering if we'll ever get a summer this year. We bitch and complain about the weather a lot in this neck of the woods but as my brother says, when fall comes, we look back and if we've had two weeks of great weather in July we talk about what a wonderful summer we've had.

We went to Gander on Thursday and on the way back we hit snow. You could hardly see down the highway for a while. Still, the perinnials are all coming up. We had frost one night this past week and I lost some of the annuals that I had potted up. I had them covered overnight but it didn't help.

I needed a new hand trowel as the one I have is a bit rusty and bent out of shape. I bought a new one and it's too cute to get dirty.

We've heard that there is a bear in the area so we have to keep a sharp eye out when outside. The birds are still quite active. The grey Jays have been bringing one "baby" to the feeders. Although the said baby is as big as the adults but still fluttering the wings begging for food.

The Boreal Chick a Dee is still hanging around. It seems to me that there is only the one as that's all I've seen.

Big yawn!! What else is a cat to do on these miserable days but sleep.

Back at it!

Even himself is feeling a little down. I went in the bedroom yesterday morning and he had two teddies sitting on the bed...the girl teddy rubbing the boy teddy's head. Was this a hint that he needed some comforting, lol.


Tricia said...

Aw - that's not nice weather at all!! We haven't had snow and not that much rain until today but the temperature has gone down from 30 degrees last weekend to about 14 degrees today!

Lovely to have your "baby" visiting; the cat has the right idea about the weather and perhaps some therapeutic head massaging wouldn't come amiss at all!

Cicero Sings said...

Can't believe the cat is all covered up, sleeping!! Pretty cute that himself arranges the teddies.

We got rain over night from about 5 yesterday evening and are VERY happy for it but I know, from living at the coast so long, that some places can get just too much of the wet stuff. We've quite mild temperatures too. Rule of thumb, when the east is getting yucky weather, we're getting pretty good weather here in the west. Not always true but often.

Pete said...

love that chickadee.

not nice here today!

Anonymous said...

So Roger is a big softy!!!

The birds are so sweet :) Ill bring some nice weather with me when we come!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who likes teddy bears can't be all bad! Sorry to hear Summer is taking it's time on The Rock.


Janine said...

A subtle hint. lol. Hope it warms up for you soon. Would send you some of our Florida heat if I could!

ShySongbird said...

It is chilly here too and dull today although we were promised sunshine, it is supposed to rain tomorrow :( Your brother could have been talking about this country, that is exactly what we say here!

That trowel is far too pretty to put in the soil :)

Love the Grey Jay baby, so many 'baby' birds seem bigger than their parents!

Lovely photos, the cat definitely has the right idea!