Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yellow Rumped Warbler.

I have been so busy, in fact some days this week, by late afternoon, my body has been screaming STOP and I've had to give all the gardening up for the day. However, I've made considerable progress. Yesterday I finally got around to staining the deck although I did take a chance as the sky was overcast and it looked like it could have rained. So, after supper last night, I was standing outside and saw a bird that I didn't recognize at one of the feeders. I do believe it's a Yellow Rumped Warbler but anyone can correct me if I'm wrong.

There was a great deal of activity at the feeders. A few of the birds seen.

The is a poor picture of a Robin but I see them so seldom in the garden that I just had to show him off.

I took another picture of those spiders eggs. At least that's what I think it is. If you click on the picture to enlarge it you will see they look quite scary. EEK!

This is the little bit of mischief that comes back and forth every day.


ST said...

The warbler is a beaut and a chinese squirrel to boot

Janine said...

Nice to see the whiskey jack around. The spiders eggs look strange, like spoiled marshmallows! Great shots of the boreal chickadee as well. A bird I would love to see some day.

Tricia said...

Wow - you do have some exotic birds visiting your garden. One, the nuthatch looks very like ours over here!

Hope you get your ID confirmed for the gorgeous little yellow one!!

And as for that squirrel - think ST is right about it being Chinese LOL

Jean said...

I'm not sure about the pretty Warbler. Very nice collection of garden critters!

Yoke, said...

Love your Warbler. If it is the Yellow rumped, it would have flown right across the continent from the Caribbean or Central America where it would've spent the winter.

hope you have it confirmed. Your squirrel is a bolt one, isn't it?

Lovely pictures.