Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Experience With Igor.

Ok people, don't let your minds wander off in the wrong direction now, I'm talking about a Hurricane.

Coming up to Tuesday the weather reports were for Igor to become a tropical storm by the time it hit us with about 50 mm of rain for our area and high winds. No worries, not much to that Been there, done that sort of thing. However, Monday for some unknown reason I made a whole batch of biscuits and filled some containers with water just in case...

Tuesday morning we woke to slashing down rain and high winds. When daylight came I made my way to the chicken house to let them out to their greenhouse area when I saw what looked like a river come down behind the house and veering off around the deck. When I went in through the greenhouse, a bit of a river had come through there and had no way to get out so I was faced with a small pond. Telling the "girls" not to worry, I grabbed the shovel and started digging a trench to try to get the water to flow out, then I had to go outside and continue the trench there. Finally the water was flowing nicely through the greenhouse and out to the outside. I got three jackets soaked through doing this little job. The next thing, we lost the power, phones and water. All gone!!! Fortunately we had a small gas canister with a thing on top to put a small pot, so we could cook simple things like some soup or can of beans, etc. The biscuits really did come in handy as we ran out of bread and there were three eggs in the chicken house. Later that day a neighbour came by informing us that the road was washed away down by the bridge and the house down there had water pouring out of their living room windows. Not only that, the turn off to the beach parking lot was gone as well. The next morning, Wednesday, arrived bright and sunny so we decided to drive down to see what the road was like.

To say we got a shock is to put it mildly.

So now we're cut off from everything. This is the only way in or out for us. More people were arriving to have a look and the speculation was that it would take some time to get this repaired. We still had no electricity, phones or water. There is a small store in the other direction so we figured we had better go there and get some supplies in. Went there, they were closed due to power outage. So the sign in the window said. A friend said he was going to take his off road vehicle down to the beach and go up the road at the other end and make his way to the store in Eastport proper. He came back saying there was no way up as the road was gone, all the bank and trees were on the beach and in the water.

Luckily, our stream was bursting it's sides at this point and rushing by like a wild thing. We had over 200 mm of rain. So, we started hauling buckets of water from the stream to the house to use for flushing the toilet. The dishes were starting to pile up so I lugged them over to the stream and washed them there. Later that day we heard activity going on down the road so himself went to have a look and they were putting in a temporary road for emergency vehicles.

We eventually were able to cross the temporary road and get to the store. The Red Cross had brought in bottles of water for people so friends came by that evening with some for us, we had enough drinkable water now. Thursday morning arrived, still no power, phones or water. I said to himself that if we had to go through this again just shoot me, lol. We were going to bed as soon as it was getting dark, couldn't read as there was no light. Getting up in the morning, lighting candles, trying to get around in the dark. I was fed up by now. Noon arrived and the electricity came on, the phones worked again but still no water. I didn't care too much about the water now, I was on a high with things starting to get normal again. After supper that night the water was back. Am I smiling now, yes I am.

There's been a lot of damage all over the island. We were very lucky really as none of our trees came down, the roof stayed on the house, etc. My mother says this property has magic and that she's sure I have a guardian angel looking after me. I think she may be right.


Tricia said...

Phew - that's an amazing something to have gone through and come up smiling at the end of it!! Oh boy did you have your work cut out...

Glad at least they got a temporary road up and you were able to get supplies.

And long may that guardian angel continue watching over you.... :)

Cicero Sings said...

How fast our lives can change ... one " little" storm and we're hooped ... at least for a few days! Glad your house and yard are still in tact. Quite the adventure. Something to talk about for years to come.

Pete said...

yes but how would you cope with 1/2 an inch of british snow

serious OC I was worried about you (((OC)))

Dixxe said...

OMG what a shock right!!! Glad you're getting your creature comforts back, that road looks a MESS!!Ive been through this same thing..Hurricane Hugo took out the power @ my home for 11 electric, no water, we cooked on the gas grill in the back yard! and "hauled" water in 50 gallon trash cans in the back of a pick up truck from Town where my business was located they got the town power back up right away..
Then in 1999 we had rained 22 inches in ONE day..The road washed away as yours did..We had other routes to use thank goodness it took a very long time for the roads and bridges to get repaired..
Its amazing how different our lives would be without our modern technology!! Even simple things like washing dishes becomes a challenge-

Victoria said...

Whoa, that looked and sounded very scary! So glad everything is all right now. I hope your guardian angel will always watch over you!

ShySongbird said...

Oh my goodness, OC!! I am absent for a while and come back to find that you have been experiencing all sorts of dramas.

First, I was so sorry to read of your husband's health problems, a very worrying time for you both and I do hope things continue to improve for him. I do wonder why it is that as our lives are so relatively short we cannot live them without being plagued by health problems!

Then you have had the horrible experience with the storm. The photos showing where the road has been washed away really show what havoc it reaped. How fortuitous that you baked all those biscuits :) but what a difficult time it was for you, I am so glad that your home is still standing and I do hope things get back to normal before too long...long may your guardian angel watch over you!

On a lighter note I enjoyed looking back at all the lovely photos I missed and particularly loved the cheeky Squirrel :) So funny about the earrings too!

Janine said...

OC I am so glad to hear that you and himself are ok and that your property wasnt damaged. Its great that they returned the power water phone etc so quickly. It can take weeks in many cases. The damage to that road looks extreme, hoping you guys can make do with the temporary road. There is something magical about your place, perhaps it is charmed.

Bimbimbie said...

Oh my, yes I think your mother is right about your home. Hope the temporary road is holding up. As soon as we loose electricity we soon realise the old days aren't quite as nostalgic as we like to think. But it's good for us to be without once in a long while just to remind us what we take for granted*!*