Monday, September 20, 2010

Some Late Bloomers

But first, we were in St. John's last week for an appointment with the surgeon who operated on himself in July. We were to get the results of tests on the lobe that was taken from his lung. It was cancer but the lymph glands were clean. He just has to be checked on every so many months for a while to make sure things are still okay. It was a great relief really as neither of us was getting much sleep up til then.

Fall is settling in here. The mornings are cold enough to light a fire and leaves are starting to drop from the trees. Time is flying and believe it or not (I could hardly believe my eyes), there were Xmas ads on the television this past weekend. I haven't done much in the garden this past month or so and this is not like me at all. So, this week if weather permits, I'll be outside cleaning up and preparing for winter.

Lots of Nuthatches, Chick a Dees, Jays and Crows coming to the feeders. Some purple Finches around but they look like young ones as the males don't seem to have their full colour yet. Most of the perennials have had their day and the late bloomers are now starting to fade.

The crows went to bed with a full stomach this night. I'd opened a large can of cat food and the cats didn't like it so I put it out for the crows. These pictures aren't that good as they were taken through a grimy window. A bunch of them showed up when one, on seeing the treat, put a call out to the rest.

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Cicero Sings said...

Glad your hearts are more at rest now you found out that those lymph are clear -- pretty scary stuff.

Crows are amazing clean up crews!

You'll never guess but we have quit a coating of wet snow this morning. Too early!

Tricia said...

News to gladden the heart OC :D

Lovely colour (and wonderful pictures of the flora) even if Fall is in the air. Those crows certainly enjoyed their feast :D

Dixxe said...

What great photos!! You have lots of flowers still, here the sedum is about all thats going...Im checking into getting some Knock Out Roses! It seems that even a non-rose grower like me, can grow them!! Im very excited about that possibility!!
YOUR crow feast was a great idea, and I enjoyed those pics!!

Janine said...

Great news OC. Hope you guys werent bothered too much by the storm.

Ali said...

I'm sorry to be late to this post OC. Good news about your partner. I hope his health continues stable.