Monday, November 08, 2010

Bits and Pieces.

It's been t-shirt weather this past few days. Can hardly believe it as we are in November. Of course it's not going to last but it did give me the opportunity to finish up some things out side. I'll not get the perennials cut back, a job I'm now leaving until spring. I did find this beauty under one of the eaves when outside working around yesterday.

It appears to be abandoned so I'll likely remove it in a day or two.

Some good news. My father has finally gotten a hearing aid. It was so difficult to talk to him especially on the phone. The conversation would go something like this....
Me. "It's raining here today."
Him. "What, you're straining?"
Me. "No, Dad, it's RAINING here today."
Him. "I don't know what you're saying."

Now it's....
Me. "It's raining here today."
Him. "It's raining here too."

lol, what a difference it's made.

Then I have this fellow here. We get up a couple of mornings ago and himself says "I was up three times last night, I thought I heard someone letting the air out of the car tires. I got the big flashlight that lights up things for miles and each time there was no one there. Then I realized it was you breathing." ahahahahaha!

It's raining today but still quite mild. I've been preparing for company coming for a few days on Thursday. Last week I made a fruit cake with brandy. I got the recipe from a fellow blogger, Cicero Sings. I made it last year and it was a hit. I also made a cherry cake. Both now in the freezer until the holidays.

A few pictures taken this past while.


Tricia said...

T-shirt weather!!! ????

It's really cold here and wet and windy... I'm coming over, so please save me some of that rather nice-sounding cake :D

Glad to hear about your father's hearing aid... I know it makes SUCH a difference!!

Dixxe said...

Great news that you are having mild tempts-we are having it good too, its cool first thing but then warm enough to get some work done in the yard. Yesterday I was using my electric chain saw! Trimming the low swaging limbs off the HUGE magnolia that is trying to take over the front yard..ITS better now we have sunlight--
MY mom is nearly deaf without her hearing aids she is like your dad if she doesnt understand what you said she will invent something I know you are Glad he is now wired for sound!!
Also a great idea to bake n freeze--we are discussing buying bakery made this yr to cut down on the work!

Ali said...

It definitely feels like late Autumn over here OC. Glad your dad can hear the world again too. I LOVE those photos of your critters.

ST said...

I love that last pic.
Hope all are well.

Cicero Sings said...

Me own Mither is VERY deaf and our phone conversations sound like your own with your Dad "before". She is 96 and can't remember how to use the hearing aides anymore ... she had some and they broke so I'm well versed with this inability!

I've been thinking of that brandy fruit cake, wondering if I should make it anyway (after D's died) as it is quite a large cake. He loved it.

Victoria said...

Glad to hear that your Dad got his hearing aid. My eldest sister needs one, but refuses to get one, so our telephone conversations...well, you know what they're like!

Love the pictures of the cats.

The Wessex Reiver said...

Glad to hear you're leaving the wasp nest in-situ, they're great for wintering insects. I dismembered a wasp nest in September, to put on the blog, but ran short of time, so will hunt out the photos and post a late entry.

ShySongbird said...

T-shirt weather? Goodness! It is heavy coat scarf and gloves weather here :(

A very amusing read OC, that nest is quite a creation and lovely photos of your pet too!