Saturday, November 20, 2010

Brrrrrr, Cold!

I think I mentioned early this summer that my black currant "tree", (I have to say tree as it's quite big). Anyway, it was so laden down with berries (a bumper crop this year), that I had to tie some of the branches up off the ground. So...I've finally gotten around to making 24 jars of jam and it's very tasty. A job that I was both dreading and looking forward to. I've never been much of a jam maker.

This week we put up holiday lights around the roof of the house and a tree with lights on the front porch. Also put lights around the archway into the inner garden. It's early I know, but the weather had been so mild that I figured why not get it done now rather than face the cold later. I'm so glad we did it because it has turned quite cold now. Temperatures going down to - 9C tonight. Of course the lights won't be turned on until sometime in December.

The birds have had voracious appetites this past while. I guess they are trying to fill up with food to get through the cold days and nights. I was putting food in one of the feeders the other day when I saw movement over by the woods. I quietly walked over and saw a grouse. You have to look pretty hard to see it in this picture. It's amazing how they blend into their surroundings.

We haven't seen a bear on the property this fall. It's a relief in one way but I would have liked to get some more pictures. I heard that there were a lot in the woods but I daresay the berry crop was good this year so they could fill up on the berries.

Lots of Evening Grosbeaks around now. They are such lovely birds. A couple of pictures I took yesterday.

Well, that's it. I have to mix up some food for the crows now. They'll be flying in for breakfast soon.


Cicero Sings said...

It is cold here too (-16) and to drop colder over the coming week. To think on Wednesday it was +5! You were smart to get outside decorations in place before it got too cold! Nice to have a warm house with a wood stove to cozy things up.

Tricia said...

Those Grosbeaks are real beauties and lucky you to have them visit; good about the bears staying the main!! Turning chilly here now and, as you know, we're expecting just a tiny bit of snow at the end of the week!

(Sharon's put up her decorations already!! -she gets earlier each year :D )

Ali said...

'Tis the season. Or nearly so. I miss watching the action at my parent's feeders at their house in the country.

Dixxe said...

Maybe some of your enthusiasm will rub off on me, Im not in the mood yet for the holidays...
Good idea getting the work done early--I bet that Jam is wonderful..we made strawberry, Grape, & persimmon this year! IT Is a lot of work, but I think its worth it!
Love the grosbeaks I dont get those here but when I visit my sister she has them.
The grouse is very well hidden, but I see it!

ShySongbird said...

That Grouse is definitely well camouflaged. I love the Grosbeaks and you have so many of them!

Victoria said...

Grouse are so good at hiding, but I see it. I wish we had Evening Grosbeaks here, they're such beautiful birds.

Good idea to get the outside decorations up before it starts snowing. I wish we would have done that, but...too late now! We have several inches, and it's supposed to keep snowing on through to Monday.

That jam sounds delicious! I'm terrible at jam making, but I do make apple butter and, if I have a big enough harvest, pear butter.

Bimbimbie said...

Isn't it great when you spot something so well camouflaged - one of those special moments in the day.

The little flock of Grosbeaks must give a sunny flash of colour amongst the bare branches. What do you feed your crows?

Hope the pain from your hip and back has settled down and you're able to move around easier.

oldcrow61 said...

Bimbimbie, I always save any left overs for the crows plus I will mix up uncooked oatmeal, bread crumbs, oil, anything I have to throw into that. Of course they eat the bird seed that I put in the platform feeder as well. They absolutely love french fries which I don't have very often but when I do, I make sure I do enough for them.