Monday, April 11, 2011

A Fine, Fine Day.

Can I just say, or maybe I should shout...IT WAS A GLORIOUS DAY! I was outside quite early this morning having a look around at the bare ground and thinking, now it begins (with a big grin on my face.) So, before I knew it I had shovel in one hand and rake in the other headed for the large perennial herb garden. I raked, I cut back plants, I dug until my body was yelling "Stop". Tonight I'm sitting here well pleased with what I've done today.

Not a lot of birds around but I did get a few pictures.

A wind blown Chick a Dee. Note the wind blown head feathers.

Woodpecker and woodpecker with Boreals.

Can you see me?

I'm hiding.

OOPs, got to keep my balance.

Treats, yay.

And, again this winter the rabbits ate all the tops off my Burning Bush.


Sondra said...

I know you are so thrilled to be out getting some dirt under your fingernails--
That wind nearly had the chickadees tail feathers blown
Too bad about the Burning Bush..I feel your pain as the squirrels here dug up all the Asian Lily bulbs I set out--only one remained out of 10--

Cicero Sings said...

Rabbits? Grrrrr! They ate all my hellebore blossoms off one year. Grrrrr.

Glad you had a glorious, wonderful day. Nippy here today with a cold, strong wind blowing.

Some friends stopped by for tea ... nice.

Tricia said...

I'm so pleased for you OC that finally you can start digging in the ground and getting your hands dirty again..isn't Spring just the best?

Your birds and pictures are so lovely and as for Mr. Cheeky... well!!

and rabbits!! my goodness what a wild-life garden you have..(although some of them may not be so welcome..)

ShySongbird said...

I can feel your joy and satisfaction at getting 'in amongst it' again :) So glad things have improved there.

I love all the birdy photos and of course Mr Cheeky!

BTW how is 'Himself' getting on with that new camera, is he getting to grips with it yet?

oldcrow61 said...

Shy songbird, re: himself and the new camera. He put it in a camera bag the day after he bought it and hasn't touched it since. Hasn't looked at the manual either...sigh!

Ali said...

Fie on Hisself for being such a big baby. That's men for you.

I love the "flying" squirrel photo. Glad to hear Spring is making Her presence felt more your way.

Tricia said...

OC - if Himself isn't using the new camera, I'm sure you could put it to good use; it seems such a waste for it to spend so much time in the box!! ;)

oldcrow61 said...

Tricia, he won't let me touch it either, lol.

Tricia said...

Aw OC....erm thinks...

Well, you could try the argument that if it's not used and there's a fault, then the guarantee could expire before the fault is found.

Therefore, you are in an excellent position to "road test" the said article on behalf of Himself... thereby doing him a great favour

(trying hard here.... lol)

oldcrow61 said...

ahahahaha, unfortunately the time he had to bring it back if he was unsatisfied has come and gone. Good try though Tricia, lol.