Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cats and other stuff.

May 10th. saw the first butterfly of the season. A Comma! I did run for the camera and chased it around, stumbling through bushes, plants and banging into the occasional tree trying to keep it in sight. But alas, it flew off and I didn't get a shot.

The old wooden fence we had built years ago to hold up the Bittersweet finally crumbled. Between the weight of the plants and the winters, it's a wonder it's held up this long. So yesterday we drove stakes in the ground as a new support and all I have to do now is haul the plants up and get them supported. A job that will have to wait until it warms up a bit. I thought I might get at it today but it's very chilly outside.

Word is out that there are a lot of Hawks and Bald Headed Eagles around. The hawks have been taking a lot of rabbits and I heard that people up the road are keeping their small dogs close when outside. I've seen an Eagle scouting out this property several times lately.

I haven't seen the grouse for a few days and then it was only the male hanging around. I got this shot of how camouflaged they are even when up in a tree.

Even this Fox Sparrow doesn't do too bad a job of it when near a birch.

Cats know the best thing to do on a cold day.....I just went in the bedroom and there were four cats on the bed and one on the chair by the bed. I had to get the camera and so.......

Five sleeping cats.

Now, who wouldn't want to go back to bed and cuddle with this lot on a miserable day.


Cicero Sings said...

Cats really know how to relax in life!

Remains a tad chilly here too. Am at the coast at the moment and it was actually colder here than back home!

Tricia said...

Wish I could send some of our warmth over to you OC :)

Now those cats of yours really know how to do "cosy and warm" eh? :D :D And I would be joining them in cold weather too :D

How wonderful it must be to see Eagles.. never seen one "in the wild"

Sondra said...

What a healthy looking group of cats you have!! That grouse is very well camouflaged indeed I had to seardch to see it--well now the snow is gone and there is no turning back...SUMMER is on the way!

Pete said...

they look ssssooo contented!

Victoria said...

Your cats are so beautiful, OC. I don't think I would trust a person who wouldn't want to cuddle with them! One of my favorite quotes is from a movie starring Roger Moore. His character says "I like cats. I don't like people who don't." He says this in a rather menacing voice. Of course, I've been trying to think of the name of the movie every since I started this reply, but no luck. Drat my unreliable memory!

I hope all your birds and other creatures stay safe from the hawks and Bald Eagles.

Nan and =^..^= said...

Oh, there's nothing like sleeping cats to make one feel relaxed! Yours are so beautiful!
Our weather has been cool enough to still use the heat but today it has warmed up and the sun appeared!

Nan and =^..^= said...

Hi oldcrow,
thanks for your comment over at Furry and Feathered friends...I have also been having trouble with blogger during the past few days!
My more recent posts were there then disappeared then reappeared only to vanish again then return! Think the problem was widespread but seems better now! I was wondering if maybe the comment I had left for you might have gotten mixed up in the blogger troubles and you confirmed that it had!