Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Wasn't It A Party........

Easter weekend I decided to go into St. John's, mainly because my parents kept asking when was I coming in for a visit. As my birthday also fell on that weekend I thought it would be a good time to make the trip. I decided to spend a couple of days with my parents and a couple with my daughter. Laurie had planned a party for me on the Saturday night and I was looking forward to that. I went in on Thursday, spent Thursday night with the folks then went to Laurie's on Friday. Friday morning we were just coming down stairs from the studio when the door bell rang and rang and rang. Laurie commented that it must be Grandpa as he always kept pushing on the bell. She went out through the porch to answer the door when I heard laughing, crying, loud voices. Well, this was my Granddaughter, who had flown down from Ontario as a surprise for my birthday. And what a surprise it was, not a soul knew about it. There was lots of hugging, laughing, and crying I can tell you.

The party was great. Best party I've ever had. The kind I like as well where people were all over the house from the studio, the kitchen, dining room, living room, in groups chatting. And people were moving around joining conversations here and there. Lots of food and wine (too much wine) lol. Later in the evening a friend did Rune readings for whoever wanted it. It was great. Sunday we went to dinner at my parents and I spent the night with them coming home Monday morning.

Since then I've been very busy working outside. I re-did the small greenhouse with plastic and had to re-build the bottom door to this structure as the wood had rotted. I've been digging in the gardens and clearing them out. So much to do there. The mornings have been quite nice but nippy with a north east wind. The perennials are just starting to come up from the ground. No leaves on the trees yet.

I had a visitor this past week. A huge Raven, and I mean Huge. He landed on a Spruce branch and bent it quite a way down. It's only the second time I've ever seen one. The crows happened to be out at the feeders at the same time and not liking the new visitor, started attacking him and driving him off. Too bad as I would have really liked a picture.

We still occasionally get a little snow. As proof, this met my eyes one morning recently. My new fire pit that I had only just put together the day before, was white. Mind you the snow didn't stay for long. Just a brush of it really.

More birds are starting to come around now. I wasn't getting many there for a while so figure they must have been up to other things.

Male and female Downy Woodpecker. The male was quite interested in the little lady.

The Fox Sparrows are back. A sure sign of spring for me.

A couple of other spring visitors.

Well, time to get ready and put new screen in the screen door.


Cicero Sings said...

Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had a grand party. Fun, fun to have a surprise visit.

No leaves on the trees here yet either. Got 3 garden beds done but need to get working on more. Must head for the coast this weekend - visit Mither for Mother's day! Hair needs cutting too!!!!

Tricia said...

What a fantastic birthday surprise when your lovely Granddaughter arrived.... It sounds a wow of a party and I'm so pleased you had such a great time.

The temperature's up and down here too... lovely during the day (at the moment) with very warm sun and tonight it's down to 2 degrees!

And your fox sparrows are such pretty birds..

Victoria said...

Happy Belated Birthday, OC! It sounds like it was a truly wonderful one, and how great that you got a visit from your Granddaughter.

Spring is finally in full swing here, but that doesn't rule out a few more light snows.

I love the bird photos, especially the one of the male Downy woodpecker.

Ali said...

Well Happy Birthday my lovely! Sounds like a very good time was had by all.

What a shame you couldn't get a snap of your raven. I think their noble looking birds. The Edgar Allen Poe poem "The Raven", is a favourite of mine. Your bird photos are gorgeous as always.


ST said...

a belated happy birthday..

ShySongbird said...

Belated but sincere happy birthday wishes OC! It sounded like a wonderful weekend :)

Love the photos of the woodpecker and also the very pretty little Fox Sparrow, the first time I have seen it on a blog as far as I can remember although I may well have seen it on your blog and forgotten!

Janine said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Happy very belated birthday and also happy Mother's day! Thanks for the nice emails re: my blog. I look forward to seeing pics of your garden in full bloom soon!

Kelly said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like a wonderful party!! Love your Fox Sparrow! We've only had one visit twice (two years in a row a few years back).