Friday, June 24, 2011

And so, Another Wet Day.

Every morning I get up, look outside and let out a big sign! It's been raining for most of the month and I and many more are quite fed up with it. There is nothing but mud and water on the ground. The wearing apparel each day is rubber boots and rain gear. So much to do in the garden and it's been impossible to get at it. One bright spot, they say we will get some sun tomorrow but then rain for another week.

It hasn't stopped the birds from coming around.

Many of these, White Throated Sparrow, I believe.

The Pine Grosbeaks have arrived.

This wet little squirrel was licking water off the tree trunk.

One good thing that happened this past week was a visit from my daughter and grandson. They stayed for a few days and it was so good to see them. Andrew had flown in from Ontario the week before.

And lastly, we have this strange creature. I think it's a wonderful old thing.


Tricia said...

Seems we have the same weather... just want it to stop - got soaked so many times recently.

But your birdy visitors are certainly not put off by the rain and your grandson and his feline companion look so comfy and settled. :D

And just what is your looks like a mini mobile home lol

Sondra said...

Well at least you have some great birds and family to keep you company while you wait it out..WISH I could trade weather with you for few days..We could use some moisture!

Pete said...

that last pic is so you!

love that squidge!

Cicero Sings said...

Love, love, love the tractor cab! LOL

Our weather has been pretty wet too - but good for us and our water table issues. Not great garden weather though - slow progress in that department.

Victoria said...

OC, I'll trade with you...our endless sunshine summer for your rain! I think I'd be getting the best of the trade; it would definitely be good for my ever increasing water bill.

I LOVE that tractor and its inventive cab!