Monday, December 12, 2011

It's Beginning to feel a lot like Winter.

Himself arrived home on Thursday. I could tell that he was thrilled with the decorations so I was glad that I had done it all. We were watching the news just after supper and there was an interview with someone from Environment Canada talking about a Weather Bomb that was hitting the maritimes. We didn't give it much thought really until a short time later we heard a roar like a freight train coming at us. We both looked at each other and then realized it was wind. The house shaking at times and the trees (there are many around us, some about 50 ft. high, were literally dancing.) Then we lost the power. I said to himself, "What a terrible first evening home, you're having." We didn't get the power back until about 12:30 the next afternoon. I can tell you, you don't realize how much you would miss electricity until it's gone. Then in the middle of that night I got up for some reason and saw that one of the Xmas trees was flat on the floor. CATS!! Well, I just had to leave it as I wasn't going to try to put that up again with just a flashlight in hand. All is back to normal now.

Then in the middle of the next night the fire alarm went off. The two of us literally flew out of bed. We could smell smoke so searched the house for anything a miss. Nothing! We're pretty sure that there was a back draft in the wood stove and it drove some smoke out into the room. Still it was a scary moment.

We've been having cold temperatures lately with a brush of snow now and then. The Juncos and Chick a Dees are showing up at the feeders now that the cold weather is here. I've not seen a squirrel but hear them chattering over in the woods. I figure they must have quite a store of food otherwise they would be at the feeders.

And so, a few pictures.

The Tree Fairy. She only comes by this time of year.

One of our handsome boys.

Our teddy bear cat. He's a cuddler. I figure this is what bliss looks like.

Jays in some snow flurries.



CopperCreeker said...

goodness! the cuddler looks soft makes me want to squeeze him.
we have our tree up but not decorated yet because ShellBee Cat decided to climb up in it. we waited a day or two to see if she would do it again but she hasn't ... yet :0)
i'll probably find a downed tree some night before the holidays are over.
keep warm

Tricia said...

I just love the pictures of you visiting wildlife; and also the slightly less "wild" life in your home... they're beauties as usual.

Glad you're back to normal now; and what a homecoming for Himself!! We've gale force winds forecast for tonight with gusts of 70 mph!! nice!

Tricia said...

and see you've got a "new look" to your blog!

Ali said...

I've never really liked Jays. Bullies of the bird world, I call them. They used to terrorize the smaller birds that came to the winter feeders my late parents kept in Salt Spring, New Brunswick. Handsome, but mean. LOL!

Oh my, but that cuddler kitty of yours is another story. May I borrow him?

Glad the alarm was a false one too. Lordy, you'd be a nervous wreck after that in the wee hours. Glad to hear Mister is back safe and sound too.

Ali x

oldcrow61 said...

Tricia, a line appears down the centre of the page all of a sudden so Laurie tried to fix it but as I liked it with the colours I had, she put it back the way it was. Too bad about that line.

Ali, Must be the New Brunswick jays that are bullies, lol, lol. I don't seem to have much of a problem with the ones here with regards to terrorizing the smaller birds.

Victoria said...

Glad you all made it through the 'weather bomb!' And this is strange; we had a similar experience with our smoke alarm about four days ago.

The Tree Fairy is so beautiful! I love her pink wings and long red hair.

The two kitties are adorable, especially 'cuddler kitty.' I hope no ornaments on the tree that was knocked over by the cats got broken. My cats have always behaved like holy terrors at Christmas with the tree, so we anchor it to the ceiling with three wires.

I hope you don't get any more 'weather bombs!'

Sondra said...

Hate it when the power goes off...suddenly your whole world us a reason to be appreciative I reckon..
LOVE your fairy she is cute..and excellent bird photos...Hope you have a great Christmas!!

Janine said...

The new look of your blog is awesome! And I loved the christmas card you sent, the cat and tree ornaments scene is classic! Stay warm, wishing you and himself a festive and joyous christmas!