Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Old Bones is Back.

Old bones is back! No, I'm not talking about himself. I'm talking about the old bones who always puts in an appearance this time of year.

Yesterday I decided to put up the holiday decorations. A bit early for me as I don't usually do this until at least the middle of December but himself, who will be back from his holiday in Spain in four days, thought maybe the decorating fairy would have all aglow on his return. So...yesterday morning at about 6:00am, I started in. Wasn't much in the mood if the truth were to be told. I decided to put up two trees this year, one, as always in the living room and now one in the new reading/sitting room. I opened the big trunk which contains most of the decorations and also my Santa collection that goes along the mantle each year. By noon I'd just about had it so grabbed a quick bowl of soup, then continued on until early afternoon when I finished. To say I was exhausted is to put it mildly, I had to lie down for half an hour or so. On looking at it all, I can't say that I was pleased. Maybe it was because I was tired because when I got up this morning things looked quite different and I was charmed.

The tree in the living room.

The tree in the sitting room.

Then of course I put a Santa hat on the big cat (we call him, the benevolent king). He never seems too happy with it, note the frown.

Speaking of cats, our cat Frankie has a very loud harsh voice. People are amused by it. If I don't jump and tend to his needs immediately he does things like...knocking over the television, getting up on a high bookshelf and dropping books, smacking one of the other cats particularly Malachi and it goes on. The boy is spoiled rotten because I've been at his beck and call since he was a kitten and he's smart enough to take advantage of it. Now, the poor boy has a cold and is feeling miserable. Consequently, I'm spoiling him even more...sigh!

Well, that's it for now. Only four more days and himself will be back. Gotta go now and plan a special dinner for the old boy.


Tricia said...

Your festive decorations do you justice OC and I'm not surprised yu were tired after all that labour!

Hopefully Frankie will be back to his normal self very quickly and you have a break from being a nurse!

and great to see old bones again :D

Victoria said...

OC, I love your trees, so beautiful, and I get such a laugh from 'Old Bones' in his Santa hat. And the Benevolent King does, indeed, look quite grumpy.

I hope Frankie is feeling much better soon!

Pete said...

love it!!

Cicero Sings said...

Looking very festive at your house.

Oh my but that Frankie is a rascal. Hope he is soon hale and hearty - at least in time for Christmas.

CatHerder said...

Love all of your decorations BUT OMG THE CAT IS AMAAAAZZZING!!!!!

Yoke, said...

Looks very cosy with the trees up, Crow.
A bit of soup can do wonders! Not only for us; Nina would always get a bit of soup (Leek & potato was her favourite) when she was a bit poorly, but she would beg for it all too often.

I'm sure himself will be very pleased when he gets home soon.

oldcrow61 said...

Thanks all.
Yoke, I'm amazed at what you say about your Nina liking leek and potato soup. I must keep this in mind.

Ali said...

I love your decorating, especially "Old Bones". We have all our things up. Unfortunately we had a power surge last week which blew all 200 lights on our tree. I've decided to leave it until after Christmas now.